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When not wandering as Wally, Bruce G. writes for his blog, Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World, and enjoys frequent family holidays at Disney World, often driving the brutal miles from his home in New Jersey. A recent photograph taken with Mayor Weaver of Main Street U.S.A. has prompted speculation about Bruce's political ambitions. Should he throw his trusty brown fedora into the ring, Disney Dispatch plans to endorse him (and his blog) in return for a 99-year lease on the second floor of the Main Street Bakery.

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Wandering the World with Wally

by Walter Octavius March

Wally, the alter-ego of popular Disney blogger Bruce G, was detained abroad when the scoundrels shuttered the Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island. Returning several years later, Wally found his old friends scattered and his old haunts refurbished. Ever the intrepid soul, Wally chose to stay, having nowhere else to go. In characteristic high spirits, Wally retrieved his trusty brown fedora from a locker at the Orlando bus station and commenced his wanderings through Disney World. He graciously takes time (as if we could stop him) to regale us weekly with the sights and sounds of his unique adventures.

Episode 37 - Wally is Summoned Away

AUG 30 In this episode, a mysterious organization summons Wally away for mysterious reasons. It's all so mysterious!

The Enchanted Tiki Room

AUG 15 Wally wishes to be first in line for the reopening of the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disney World, featuring the return of the original script and stars, and the conspicuous absence of the so-called New Management. The birds all sing! And so does Wally.

Saratoga Springs

AUG 8 Though I never imagined Wally as much of an equestrian, he assures me that he is quite at home atop a horse, and to prove it, invites us to accompany him to Saratoga Springs, the DVC resort at Disney World themed for horse racing aficionados.

Typhoon Lagoon

AUG 1 After so many months of adventure, our hero Wally has worked himself up into quite a lather, and the only way to relax, especially in such sweltering August weather, is a trip to Typhoon Lagoon, where splashes, slides, and spouts new tales.

Snacking at the Hollywood Studios

JUL 25 Hollywood Studios has plenty of big rides and shows. But this week Wally has no interest in them. Instead, he seeks a much smaller thrill, rather elusive, but worth the effort of tracking down: the world famous Carrot Cake Cookie.

Spaceship Earth

JUL 18 Wally had me at Spaceship. Earth, that is: one of my favorite Disney attractions, which I ride many times during each trip to Disney World, even though the latest refurbishment was a disaster. But with Wally aboard, the fun is back!

Tom Sawyer Island

JUL 11 Sure, he talks a good adventure, but Wally isn't much different than you and me when it comes to the Big T - Treasure! He goes in search of it today with another of his reluctant companions. And he goes in style aboard the Disney World Railroad.

Disney World Fireworks

JUL 4 When Wally is around, you know there are always fireworks, but this time the fireworks are for real, as our happy adventurer's wandering take him both to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot on the Fourth of July to watch the spectacles overhead.

Adventures in Tomorrowland

JUN 27 As it turns out, Wally had no stalker at all, at least not a malicious one, and so happily relieved of that burden, he resumes his wanderings through Disney World, which this week take him to Tomorrowland and a dangerous escaped criminal.

Wally at City Hall with Mayor Weaver

JUN 20 Is the nightmare finally over? Has Wally finally tracked down, with the dubious help of Main Street Mayor Weaver, his stalker, who turns out to be not a beast or even a brute but a lady in a pink Tinker Bell shirt? Apperances can deceive...

Wally Tells His Story

JUN 13 Ever the tireless traveler, bombastic Wally this week does the unthinkable: he does not wander! Instead, he sits in the shade with friend Bruce, a snifter of spirits, and a packed pipe, eager to discuss his exploits and his recent troubles.

Wandering It's a Small World

JUN 6 When wandering through It's a Small World, Wally has a rather frightening habit: he likes to sing... THAT song. He never tires of it. His hearty voice often knocks the dolls right back on their haunches. He'd like to tell you about it. Come back!

All American Adventure

MAY 30 For Memorial Day, Wally decides to put his stalker problems behind him and celebrate the glory of America by wandering through Disney World in search of patriotic adventure. He finds it, and leaves a red, white, and blue trail for you to follow.

World Showcase

MAY 23 Does Wally have a secret admirer? Having been jostled, stalked, and spooked, Wally isn't so sure, but he figures it's nothing a new wander can't cure. Today, Wally dallies in Mexico and Norway before he's brought up short once more by... fate?

Main Street, U.S.A.

MAY 16 As is the rage these days, Wally has acquired a stalker, and his latest attempt to foil the fiend leads him to Main Street, U.S.A., where he meets Mayor Weaver and Scoop Sanderson, then wanders in search of a root beer float (for medicinal purposes).

United Kingdom Pavilion

MAY 9 Wally's wanders sometimes take him far from his wonderful mum, and so for Mother's Day he decided to surprise her with a gift from the United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot. Of course, adventure followed, and so did a mysterious chap in a red shirt.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

MAY 2 Seeking solace from recent adventures, Wally wanders into the wild, otherwise known as Kilimanjaro Safaris, but finds himself rousted from refuge and pressed into action when he stumbles upon an empty camp of poachers.

Toy Story Midway Mania

APR 25 Wally wanders to the Midway, where he knows exactly which targets yield the highest points. Follow his aim to achieve scores that will amaze your friends and annoy your enemies. But who is the man in the Mouse ears and Stitch shirt?

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

APR 18 Chaos! Explosions! Mayhem! Yes, it's time for another wander with Wally. Our fearless but peerless adventurer takes us with him to Hollywood Studios as he answers a casting call for stuntmen, but of course, it's never that easy...


APR 11 Today, we feature the dinosaur: no, not Wally himself, but rather one of Wally's most ambitious wanders, back in time TO the dinosaurs, those regal but rapacious beasts best left, as Wally learns, in the past.

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

APR 4 Even adventurers like Wally require occasional refreshment and revelry, and so our daring but always dashing hero decides to break from danger and wander to Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness in quest of beans, BBQ, and hoop-dee-doo.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

MAR 28 Wally wanders to Epcot's International Flower and Garden Festival, searching not for a beautiful bouquet or a timeless topiary, but rather for the man-eating cannibal tree of Madagascar that once, not so long ago, nearly dragged Wally into its maw.

The Haunted Mansion

MAR 21 Wally wanders to the new interactive queue at the Haunted Mansion and gets the shock of his life, for there on one of the tombstones is the visage of dear, departed cousin Bertie, an avid hunter and rather a dead ringer for Wally himself.

Old Key West

Wally wanders to a well-deserved rest

MAR 14 Out near the dock is one of my favorite refreshment spots in all of Walt Disney World: the Gurgling Suitcase. It's a fun little bar where you can sit with a view of the waterway and watch the boats. I enjoy taking my cold beverage to a bench on the boardwalk above the boat moorings where I can see the pool and the lighthouse... MORE


Wally wanders the wild blue yonder

MAR 7 I miss soarin' above the clouds and so today we shall wander where we can enjoy a wonderful flight. We shall wander to the Land Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World! Upon arrival, we shall walk downstairs and join the always lengthy queue for Soarin'. But have no fear of boredom in this long line! You have me... MORE

Conservation Station

Wally wanders down dark but not dangerous jungle trails

FEB 28 Our adventure begins on the Wildlife Express. This rustic African train is the only mode of transport to our destination. While on board, as the rules require, there is no cooking. Also, we must stay seated because the tracks are unlike those in America and passengers may fall from the train if they stand... MORE

Adventure #10: Mission: SPACE

Wally wanders the tight quarters of a rocket to Mars

FEB 21 For those unfamiliar with it, Mission:SPACE is a fantastically exciting simulation of a future journey to Mars. As you enter, Cast Members dressed in ISTC uniforms ask whether you'd prefer the tame or the intense ride. Of course, as a former astronaut, I always take the orange, more intense ride - which is not... MORE

Adventure #9: Tower of Terror

Wally wanders the middle ground between light and shadow

FEB 14 Do you know the tale of the Hollywood Tower Hotel - or rather, the 'Incident', as some call it? I can share it with you as one of my follower explorers was there when it happened. It was October 31, 1939. Five people were traveling in the elevator from the lobby to the upper floors. Just then, the Hotel was... MORE

Adventure #8: Adventurers Club

Wally relaxes and reminisces about the Adventurers Club

FEB 7 I last told this story at the Adventurers Club in Downtown Disney. I loved that place! But if you are looking for it nowadays, you won't find it. My Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island has been closed down and boarded up. With this fantastic building shuttered, my friends have scattered around the... MORE

Adventure #7: Pirates of the Caribbean

Wally wanders Isla del Tesora and matches wits with a scurvy crew

JAN 31 After talking to the pirate who had Carlos, I persuaded him to allow my friend some time to decide whether he or not he would help the villians. Once freed, Carlos ran like a cheeckin into the jungle. The pirates laughed until they realized what had just happened and then decided that I would... MORE

Adventure #6: Jungle Cruise

Our man Wally rushes to the aid of friends treed by a rhino

JAN 24 My fellow Explorers, what a harrowing experience I had today. My three friends were treed by a rhino! Lucky for them, I heard about it and hastened to Adventureland. Once there I made my way to the Jungle Cruise Expedition dock to commandeer a boat for the perilous trip down-river where my friends... MORE

Adventure #5: Polynesian Resort

Wally wanders paradise at the Polynesian Resort

JAN 17 My fellow Explorers, what a harrowing experience I had today. My three friends were treed by a Rhino! Luckily for them, I heard about it and hastened to Adventureland. Once there I made my way to the Jungle Cruise Expedition dock to commandeer a boat for the perilous trip down-river where my friends... MORE

Adventure #4: Expedition Everest

Wally wanders Expedition Everest and comes face-to-face with...

JAN 10 Fellow Adventurers, have I ever told you about the last trip I took to Mount Everest? I boarded a train outside of Anandapur. Mid-way to the base of the mountain, the train went speeding out of control and we plummeted into a deep tunnel and then raced madly upwards. Suddenly, we had to stop - the rails had been ripped... MORE

Adventure #3: Winterland Summerland

Wally wanders Winter Summerland and saves Christmas

DEC 20 Ah, Christmas, one of my favorite times of the year. The Walt Disney World Resort is decked out in its holiday finest - as is most of the country. Today, though, we will wander to a Place that holds special meaning for me: the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course located adjacent to the Blizzard Beach Water Park. Although... MORE

Adventure #2: The Wilderness Lodge

Wally wanders the Wilderness Lodge and finds Humphrey the Bear

DEC 13 The Wilderness Lodge is based upon the Old Faithful Inn, a lodge in Yellowstone National Park built at the turn of the 20th century - a great place (and a great time) for adventure. Wide open spaces and wild animals. The Wilderness Lodge captures this feeling of wanderlust and harnesses its energy. As we enter the lobby, you... MORE

Adventure #1: It's a Wonderful Shop

Wally wanders Hollywood Studios and finds Christmas year-round

DEC 6 Our first stop Wandering the World is in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Of course, like anyone else, we can wander down Hollywood Boulevard and enjoy a Hollywood that never was, stuck eternally in the 1930s, or we can travel over to the Hollywood Tower Hotel where I used to stay, before the "incident". But one of my... MORE