General FAQ

What's the Disney Dispatch?

We're not sure, really. It began as a blog and and it's still a blog but now it also has features, columns, interviews, games, and of course, hullabaloo. With a database on the way.

How often do you pubish new stuff?

Daily. The best way to keep track of it is to follow Disney Dispatch on Twitter or sign up for the Disney Dispatch Digest.

Do you work for Disney?

No. I firmly believe, however, that within the next 20 years we'll all be working for Disney.

Do you hope one day to work for Disney?

Yes. My dream job is the Mayor of Main Street U.S.A. Good morning!

Isn't your sense of 'humor' inappropriate for a Disney site?

Dr. Seuss put it best: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Can I write for the Disney Dispatch?

Please get in touch. We're looking for a pulse and a point-of-view. The rest we provide.

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Hullabaloo FAQ

What's hullabaloo?

Hand-picked links to someone else's stuff - in this case, their Disney stuff.

Does the world need another content aggregator?

Hullabaloo is different from the 'news feeds' you see on many blogs these days. The feeds don't discriminate. You get jewels - but lots of junk, too. With hullabaloo, it's just the jewels.

How do you tell the jewels from the junk?

There's no secret formula. If content appeals to me, I figure it'll appeal to you.

What doesn't count as hullabaloo?

Stuff for sale, stuff written by clueless people (that disqualifies my stuff, sometimes), stuff 'derived' from an original source, stuff summed up with the word 'duh', etc.

Is it hard to hullabaloo?

Well, yes, when you're starting out, but it gets easier with practice. On a typical day, I wade through hundreds of links to find the few dozen fit for hullabaloo. My brain is Mickey mush.

What happens to old hullabaloo?

It's preserved forever in the Archive. Look on any hullabaloo page. You'll see it.

Can I help you hullabaloo?

Please do! If you catch sight of something I've missed, let me know.

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