Grad Night 2013 - Disneyland California

High School Seniors gear up for the greatest graduation party of the year. Dance the night away at Disneyland California and Disney's California Adventure Park.


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Grad Nite 2013 Dates:
May: 9th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th, and 31st
June: 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, and 21st

Grad Nite 2013 will be the best night of your high life. Homecoming, Prom, winter fest none of them come close to the excitement and energy that will be at Grad Nite.  Grad Nite is a yearly tradition at Disney and has been for over half a centaury. Grade Nite 2013 will be the 52nd summer that Grad Nite has been open to high school students.  Disneyland hosts the perfect event for students its an alcohol free environment, entirely high school students besides staff and chaperons, and on top of that there is only a few entrances and exits in the park making it easy to keep track of the students. Disneyland is also opening up California Adventure Park to Grad Nite guests. On top of opening both Disneyland and California Adventure Park for Grad Nite the brand new Cars Land will be open for students to explore.

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Disneyland is like no other park in the California area. It has over fifty different attractions and shows that can entertain guests for days on ends. During Grad Nights these rides get even better by adding the night sky. Rides that are mild during the day will be more exhilarating due to the lack of light, turning the mild into wild. The park is going to be filled with thousands of high school and the larger rides are going to have long lines be sure to get their early and hop in line for one of the big roller coasters. My favorite is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, its an outdoors lap bar coaster that  takes quick turns and dips to thrill its riders into excitement. During Grad Nite this ride is even better, its dark at night and that turns Big Thunder Mountain into a ride that you have never experienced. After Big Thunder Mountain I would be sure to head right for either Space Mountain or Indiana Jones Adventure. Indiana is another one of the rides you can’t miss out on. Its an amazing thrill ride based off of well… you guessed it Indiana Jones. The ride is about 4 minutes long and takes you deep into a temple where India is trying to find the Jewel of Power. Space Mountain is another great pick and one that I love to ride. This indoor coaster is exciting and fast. It features an indoor sky theme as if you were in space. It has a dark atmosphere with bright stars that wiz by as you barrel through turns and drops. Space Mountain Also goes through a transformation at nighttime, the soundtrack is replaced by an upbeat track featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is a special ride that students will not want to miss out, you only graduate one and you will most likely only be able to attend Grad Nite once so make the most of it.
That is a third of the excitement that Grad Nite has to offer you can’t forget about California Adventure Park. Adventure Park is open for Grad Nite and filled with tons of exciting rides students will love. On top of the already existing rides Cars Land just opened and offers 3 new rides that students are sure to love.  While in Adventure Park I would head right for California Screamin’ this is an outdoor coaster and the largest in the two parks it’s a must ride and especially at night.  This is the perfect Grad Nite ride its fast, tall, and outdoors. The ride gets up to 55 miles per hour in a mater of 4 seconds and is 120 feet tall. California Screamin’ in the second largest steel coaster in the Americas it’s a great ride for night as well because from the top you can see clear across the park and see how the park is lit up a site that is hard to find anywhere else in the park.  Another great ride with will be fun on Grad Nite will be the brand new Radiator Springs Racers, the ride has been in construction for over 3 years and opened o the public on June 15th 2012. Radiator Springs Racers is a Test Track style ride from Epcot however to a whole new level. The ride is thrilling and funny at the same time incorporated with voice-overs and audio-animatronics from the Cars movies it’s a great ride. The ride is an astounding 4 and a half minutes and the cars reach 40 MPH taking steep banks and tight hairpin turns. Its an indoor and outdoor attraction so Grad Nite students will get to experience the ride like no other. While on the subject of Cars after taking the Racers for a ride be sure to try out another new ride Luigi’s Flying Tires. The Flying Tires will be no other ride you have ever taken. It uses about 1.9 million cubic feet of air a minute to keep your tire afloat. Yes, I did say afloat, Luigi’s Flying Tires are hover crafts and you are the controls all you have to do is lean in the direction you want to go and away you go. California Adventure Park is filled with rides that are great for students a few others are Soarin’ Over California and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Each of these rides are great and should be on your list of rides to check out before the end of the night.

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In 2013 it’s the first year that Grads are going to be given a park hopper ticket and going to be able to go between parks at will. Its also the first year that Disney’s private party is going to be held at California Adventure. Each year there is a privete party and band that plays almost all night, its one of the most energy filled shows of the year and also a great place to students. Its safe and fun for students and their chaperones.

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