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K Martin Beaudry became a Disney fanatic when he found himself standing underneath a monorail track waiting for his parents to buy WDW ticket books in December of 1971. The anticipation of experiencing the Magic Kingdom, combined with the fantasy of seeing transportation and architecture unlike anything he has ever seen was enough to cause a Disney obsession that continues to this day.

Multiple hundreds of visits and many annual passes later, Martin still feels the same thrill when arriving at the main gate of any WDW park. As an adult, however, his enthusiasm has extended beyond the parks and into the resorts and on-property activities that many people have never experienced. He and his wife find adventure by checking out things they’ve not seen before – another restaurant, boat ride, resort, or show is always there waiting for them to enjoy.

In recent years, Martin has put his experience and knowledge to work by writing reviews and blogs for several websites related to theme parks in general – but mostly Disney parks. His corny humor and desire to cover unusual topics (an entire blog about a monorail?) provides a welcome relief from the hundreds of articles saying the same things repeatedly. His hope is that he can encourage Disney park visitors to go beyond the parks and into the undiscovered country that is Walt Disney World.

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Have a Seat

KMB gives us a countdown of the best places to take a load off. Sometimes you just need a place to sit down and rest - these are some of the very best.



Have a Seat!


Has anyone ever documented the best places to “sit” at Walt Disney World? I mean, think about it! What better advice can a WDW veteran offer to a newcomer than the best places to sit down? After all, consider the following facts:


  1. Most of us are out of shape.
  2. WDW parks are large and require a lot of walking.
  3. Most of us are out of shape.


Yes – I am aware of the fact that numbers 1 and 3 are the same, but let me offer you another fact as well. Most of us are out of shape. Let’s face it; places to sit down are valuable commodities for park visitors and even though this column focuses on things “outside of the parks, we will be forced to stray into the parks for this topic. We realize that that those of you who do not have season passes are calculating that your day will cost you at least $8 per hour per person and you cannot afford to sit down! For the rest of you I offer these great places to sit down starting with number 10 and working our way to the best place to sit in all of Walt Disney World!


10) The End of the Pier at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa – What a great place to sit! You say you are not staying at that motel? No worries! Take the monorail around to the resort and make your way to the pier. While sitting here one can see all of the action on the lake and take a load off their feet. Come here at night to watch the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular fireworks! For most of us, this is the only thing we can afford at the Grand Floridian anyway.


9) The Tables Just Outside of Casey’s Hot Dogs – Yes, in the Magic Kingdom there are several “magical” places to sit. But one of the favorites is accompanied by a pianist – a ragtime pianist that is superb! At the end of Main Street closest to Cinderella Castle is a small hot dog restaurant called “Casey’s.” After picking up a dog and something to drink, wander out to the patio and take some time to listen to the pianist. He takes requests! Keep your eyes on your food, though. The birds are hungry here as well.


8) The Monorail – Those of you who know me, know that I cannot miss an opportunity to mention the monorail. But the monorail offers air conditioning, great views, and a friendly voice telling you to stand clear of the doors. What more could you ask for when your feet are tired? People have been known to take very long naps here as well. However, “The Best Places to Sleep in Walt Disney World” is another blog post altogether.


7) The Walt Disney World Railroad – Like the monorail, the train offers a place to sit that comes with nice scenery. Also like the monorail, the train is someplace you can sit for as long as you like. Perhaps on the 21st time around the Magic Kingdom you can reward yourself by trying for number 22. It is amazing that the deer are always in the same place every time around, isn’t it?


6) The Liberty Square Riverboat – What? A boat you say? You bet! The Liberty Square Riverboat takes a leisurely 17-minute cruise around the “Rivers of America” and nothing could be more relaxing. Be sure to use the bathroom before getting on the ride as there are no options on the boat. No buckets allowed. (Incidentally, some have suggested that the bathroom itself is one of the best places to sit in Walt Disney World. However, I will leave that decision up to the reader.)


Have a seat


5) The Outdoor Stage Area at Downtown Disney – Yes, those of you who read last week’s post know that I detest shopping. It is that fact that makes this stage area such a great place to sit down. Not only can you let your wife and family go shopping while you sit here, you can also be entertained by stage acts, or get up and do the hokey pokey. Did I mention that it is directly across from Ghirardelli’s?


4) The Lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa – I did mention this resort earlier, but a distinction must be made between the two locations. After all, this resort is so large that there is quite a distance between the lobby (atrium) and the pier. The lobby here has to be the classiest and most comfortable place among all of the resorts. Delight yourself to the tunes of a wonderful pianist or a live big band. During the Christmas season have a gaze at the huge Christmas tree or tour a real gingerbread house. Mostly we recommend just acting rich. It does your heart good for a change.


3) The Train Station on Main Street at 5 PM – Did you know that every evening at 5 PM there is a flag-lowering ceremony in the square? Did you know that sitting in the train station gives you the best view of this great ceremony, along with a great way to relax in the shade? This is such a nice place to sit that my wife and I spent one July 4th afternoon up here from 2:30 to 10:00 PM just to see the 4th of July Fireworks. It was worth every minute and we completed 362 games of Go Fish!


2) The Porch at Tony’s Town Square – This is my wife’s favorite “ride” in the park. The rocking chairs on this porch provide movement when your body can no longer move. They also provide a wonderful way to view people – perhaps one of the most entertaining activities in all the parks.


1) The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover – The absolute best place to have a seat at Walt Disney World is on the People Mover!  Did you know that cast members will allow you to stay on this ride on not-so-busy park days? These cars are comfortable, breezy, scenic, and fun. Couples – this can be one of the more romantic rides in the park. You figure it out. We know you will.


So there you have it. I have undoubtedly left out someone’s favorite place to sit at Walt Disney World. Care to contribute? We’d like to know.



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