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If Disney piled all its themed merchandise in one place, it would likely reach to infinity - and beyond. You see it everywhere: at the parks, online, in your neighbor's house. And you're tempted, sorely tempted, to make it yours: not always because you need it but because it came from Disney. For many people, that means irresistible. But fight the urge, just for a moment, until you've read what Jessica Clawson thinks about that irresistible piece of Disneyana. Chances are, she has already succumbed to the urge - and now, temporarily recovered, wants to tell you whether it was worth it.

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FROM: It Came from Disney! Published Tuesdays

Le Quiche Lorraine

In a first for the Disney Dispatch, I present a review of something that I have not (and will not) try, and that Jessica Clawson certainly won't try, even though she's the reviewer. How can we get away with that? We're not rats. Or rabbits. Come see what just came from Disney...

Disney makes products for just about everything, even animals!

Walking around the local PetSmart the other day getting food for my sister's rabbit, I spotted a Disney character and did a double take.

The packaging on a small animal treat called Le Quiche Lorraine features Remy from Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille. I took it off the shelf to see whether it would be suitable for our rabbit.

Le Quiche Lorraine comes in the shape of a pastry crust filled with dehydrated carrots and a few pellets on the top. The packaging says it is suitable 'for all small animals' and that it is a 'fun and delicious treat'. Directions are to 'feed one treat daily', not a surprise, since there's only one treat (measuring about two inches in diameter) in the package. That's quite a lot for a small animal to consume.

It seemed unique, and a Disney bargain at $2.99, so I bought one for the rabbit.

Remy Gets the Rabbit Test

When I got home, I took out one of the treats. It smelled sweet, and for a rabbit, looked appetizing. I put it in the rabbit's food bowl and waited. And waited.

I waited a long time.

Other than a few nibbles around the edges, the rabbit ignored its Disney treat.

I decided to check the reviews on the PetSmart website. Several people had left positive reviews about how their hamsters, mice, and rats loved this treat. But nothing about rabbits.

I'm now in the position of trying to rate a treat that might not have been intended for rabbits and that my sister's rabbit did not like. Maybe your rabbit will like it? Your mice and rats, apparently, will.

But on appearance, I give the treat high marks: it looks great, and it doesn't crumble. And at $2.99, it's a relative bargain.

Next time you're at PetSmart, ask for the Disney section (well, maybe don't) and treat your small animal to an unexpected taste of Disney.


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