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Options at the Art of Animation Resort

Disney is building its newest resort, Art of Animation, atop the steel and concrete bones of what was to have been an expansion of Pop Century. Let's get ready to ... book! Keith Anderson runs down Art of Animation's tempting options.

Walt Disney World is building their newest resort, Art of Animation, to occupy what was once to be Pop Century "Legendary Years", across the lake from Pop Century. Several of the buildings at Legendary Years were partially completed, and rather that start from scratch, Disney has used existing buildings and foundations at the resort. Each area will be divided into themes, and you can book rooms specific to the theme, so there'll be no guessing where your room will be as you check in.

Before booking, make sure you understand the options and differences:

  • The Little Mermaid section is all the way to the north, and uses the existing building already in place. All rooms in Little Mermaid will be standard value resort rooms, similar to Pop Century, with outside entrances and a window by the front door. These rooms will sleep 4 with 2 double beds. There will also be a Little Mermaid themed pool nearby. No opening date for Little Mermaid has been announced; most likely, it will not open until all the family suites are completed, and possibly not until 2013.
  • A Little Mermaid room

    Artist's rendering of Cars Land

  • The Lion King section will be south of Little Mermaid, and will feature two new buildings with family suites, only (no standard rooms). The family suites will sleep 6, and will feature a different layout from the All-Star Music family suites. The entrance of the Lion King rooms will be from an interior hallway, with windows on the back side of the room. The Lion King will feature less "in your face" theming, and will be more of a jungle setting, with characters intermingled in the landscaping. Lion King family suites will open September 30, 2012.
  • The Finding Nemo section will be surround the main pool, and will be adjacent to the main building at Art of Animation. All rooms will be family suites, with the interior entrance and room layouts similar to Lion King. Finding Nemo family suites will open May 31, 2012.
  • Cars Land will be designed after the Cozy Cone Motel, and will feature a pool in the courtyard between the three buildings. Again, all three buildings will be brand new, and will feature exclusively family suites. Cars family suites will open July 31, 2012.
  • The family suites are obviously the main attraction at Art of Animation. Surprisingly, they are priced quite a bit more than the All-Star Music family suites, so consider both options. Most dates, the cabins at Fort Wilderness are also less expensive, so that may be an option if you have a larger family. The family suites consist of:
    • 1 master bedroom;
    • 2 separate bathrooms; and
    • 3 separate sleeping areas within the living space, which includes an Inovabed - a generously sized dining or work table that transforms into a comfortable bed.

Art of Animation appears to be a fantastic, fun Disney resort.

If you need a larger room, it may be a great option for your family, especially if you love any of the Disney movies represented.

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