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Ashley Metz keeps a special book in her South Carolina chateau. It's called the Disney Book of Stinkin' Love. Into that book she pours her passion for the parks, her devotion to Disney World, and from that book, every week, she'll draw forth with characteristic exuberance a chapter exclusively for Disney Dispatch. Ashley welcomes questions, but no matter what you ask, the answer will always be the same, and it will always be correct: Because I Stinkin' Love Disney World!

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FROM: Because I Stinkin' Love Disney World Published Thursdays

Finding Hawaii at Disney World

Ashley is going to Hawaii! Jealous? Of course not. Beaches, palms, beauty, surf, bliss... Well, yes: jealous! But Ashley is not leaving us in the lurch. For the next few weeks, she'll be looking at how you can find Hawaii yourself: in Disney World!

I am excited because in about a week I will be loading up on a plane bound for Hawaii.

More specifically, Oahu and Maui! I am gearing up for my trip to the tropical paradise that is Hawaii by thinking night and day about all things Hawaii! And because I am ALWAYS thinking about Disney World, I am combining the two!

For the next few weeks, I will be writing about some of my personal favorite Disney nods to Hawaii. Some of these things I have already 'done' and others are on my Disney bucket list. Either way, this list is compiled 'nau wale no' (just for you!)

Today, we'll be looking at Hawaii in the parks! Here are my top 3 favorites!

'Ekahi (one)

The Dole Whip. YUM!

What is it about this creamy, fruity, soft-serve concoction that keeps fans coming back for more? I don't exactly know. But I do know that it is scrumptious!

I especially like getting my Dole Whip served up float-style and then kicking back just outside of Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland. I love the tropical themed music and I really love that faintly, in the distance, you can hear the happy pipe organ sounds of Swisskapolka.

It soothes my ears!

The 'scoop' on the coveted Dole Whip is that it can only be purchased in certain places, such as the Disney parks and the Dole Plantation in Hawaii. This is a unique soft serve and people the world over have tried to recreate its taste and texture, but the key ingredient is ambiance: you have to eat it in magical places.

And since I'll be visiting a pretty magical island really soon, I think I might have a serving (or 10) of this fresh favorite!

'Elua (two)

The Enchanted Tiki Room may have put me and my family to sleep as children (hey, it was probably because we were walking in full-on 'Mom mode' and had been up since the buses started running and wouldn't get any rest until the parks closed for the night), but today I really like this classic!

Maybe it's enchantment I feel when the Tiki gods awaken, maybe it's the tropical flowers, maybe it's Iago and Zazu singing and crooning new songs to some old favorite tunes! Or maybe it's how the "tiki tiki tiki room" theme gets stuck in my head - for the rest of the day - well, maybe not so much!

My actual favorite part is when Iago and Zazu upset the Tiki gods, and the audience is taken into the drama with all those birds. Then the party really starts! You can't leave without a smile. It is scientifically proven.

How can you not leave feeling 'tropically impressed' when you know that the "birds sing words and the flowers croon in the tiki tiki tiki tiki room!"

(I can't wait until this summer to see what changes Disney has in store for the Tiki Room now that they're returning - at least somewhat - to the original show!)

'Ekolu (three)

So I am going to preface this one with a disclaimer: I know that Stitch isn't technically Hawaiian... or technically human. And, of course, not technically real. That said, he is 1/2 of the duo in one of my absolute favorite Disney movies (more to come about that in a few weeks!).

Now for the real business!

One of my favorite attractions at Disney World is Stitch's Great Escape. Do you remember back in the day when this was the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter ride? Man, that thing scared the pants off me! I loved that thrill! I still love it with the new variations added by Stitch and his other alien friends.

In the ride, you are hired as a new recruit and your job is no small task since you will come face-to-face with the cute but clever 626 (Stitch). After being brought into the high security level 3 teleportation chamber, you become one with the Stitch. Literally! Every one of your five senses will experience this ride!

Two words for friends who have 'trained' in the chamber: Chili Dog. Yuck but fun, right!

I love this ride, and I still love Stitch, even if he did spit and burp on me! He's so cute!

In part two of this luau lovers series, I will explore Disney Resort experiences!

See you next week. Aloha!


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