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Ashley Metz keeps a special book in her South Carolina chateau. It's called the Disney Book of Stinkin' Love. Into that book she pours her passion for the parks, her devotion to Disney World, and from that book, every week, she'll draw forth with characteristic exuberance a chapter exclusively for Disney Dispatch. Ashley welcomes questions, but no matter what you ask, the answer will always be the same, and it will always be correct: Because I Stinkin' Love Disney World!

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FROM: Because I Stinkin' Love Disney World Published Thursdays

Ashley Meets the DiVine

In a tale of paranoia and voyeurism, Ashley Metz comes face to foliage with DiVine, the green performance artist who stalks the Animal Kingdom, suddenly appearing on jungle trails to give unsuspecting guests a case of the chlorophyll creeps.

There are so many things to do at Disney World.

From rides to shows you can fill your day with fun.

If you are, or have recently been, planning a Disney World vacation, I'm sure you've done your fair share of web and book research. With all the information floating out there on the internet and in guide books, you could easily plan a full day and still miss out on something.

Like, for example, the rumor about the jungles in the Animal Kingdom having eyes?

It's true! For real. I have seen them.

Peering out of the lush green foliage and straight at me.

Don't believe me? Have you ever felt like someone was standing behind you, looking right at you? You can just tell, can't you? It's almost like that person's stare bores into the back of your head. And the freakiest thing is when you turn around and - BAM! - there's the person right in your dance space. Not cool.

Sensing the DiVine

So how weird would it be to turn around and see this juxtaposition of woman and vine all posin' up in your business? Sound crazy? Well, take a walk through the Animal Kingdom, and then tell me how crazy it sounds. I know...

click an image to expand:


DiVine: Asleep

DiVine: Awake

If you haven't already figured it out, I'm referring to a performance artist called DiVine. That's performance artist - not forest stalker. With that out of the way, let's focus on the art behind the performer, and the art of avoiding being part of her performance.

Draped in leaves and twists of vines and clusters of grapes, it's hard to tell where DiVine begins and her costume ends. Without words, she takes on the very essence of the forest. Twisting, curling, bending, and winding, she is one with the jungle. If you are not careful, you might walk past without even noticing her.

But if you're just standing around, unaware, you might become the main character in an unforgettable, unexpected, and potentially unsettling DiVine performance.

It's like those fake statue people except, in this case, you won't know the 'statue' is there, because unless you're unusually vigilant, you won't see DiVine, and you definitely won't hear her. Her farce is pure foliage.

Stalking the DiVine

So, where is the best view to take in DiVine? She performs between Africa and Asia in the Animal Kingdom, but you have to be patient and you need sharp eyes.

I prefer observing from a distance. That way, I can see the performance and, mostly, not risk becoming part of it. Staying back also provides me with the perfect vantage point from which to watch others.

I LOVE people-watching, especially at Disney World, and especially during a performance by Divine, because the reactions to her by unsuspecting guest are hilarious.

But I have to admit that I can only watch DiVine for like a second. It freaks me right out. Just to be honest. Watching others, though, is different: from startled jumps to screams, it's always fun to watch.

So consider this your warning.

If you're in Disney's Animal Kingdom, walking somewhere between Africa and Asia, and you feel someone staring at you, don't be alarmed if you turn around and see a woman in full vine gear. Just consider it a DiVine Encounter of the Disney kind.

And if you decide to go DiVine hunting, make sure to keep your distance or else prepare to get wrapped up in the fun!

Seeing the DiVine

Want to see for yourself? From home? Thanks to WDKrebs, here's DiVine:


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