Extreme Piratical Makeover

Pirate Name Generator does all the work; you do all the piratin'

With Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides set to debut later this year, cool people world-wide will once more struggle to channel their inner brigand.

But is it enough simply to pepper your conversation with 'yarr' and 'matey'?

No. It is not.

To truly be a pirate, you need a pirate name. Unfortunately, it's not easy to generate an authentic pirate name. I've tried for days and so far all I've come up with is "Cap'n Bob".

Stress no further! You can now generate a cracker-jack pirate name by typing your real name into the Pirate Name Generator. So I did. Henceforth ye scalliwags shall address me as: "Cap'n Bud Cutthroat". Yarr!

Let's type in Walt Disney: "Wankin' Ted Dawkins". I don't think he would've liked that.

How about Donald Duck: "Pirate John the Rum-Swiller". Snow White: "Cap'n Wilma Bluebeard". Mayor Weaver of Main Street, U.S.A.: 'Cap'n Hidalgo Buttscar".

That be a crew!

But what good, you ask, is a pirate name without some pirate talk to go with it?

The same folks who created the Pirate Name Generator also created the Pirate Quote Generator. To get a pirate quote, all you have to do is click the button. (So simple even a pirate can do it!) Here's what I got on my first click:

"Curse th' musket! I'd rather lose me pirate parts."

That'll come in handy when we visit the in-laws. Let's click it again!

"Bilge rats! Why be they riggin' so cockeredly?"

I've been wondering why the bilge rats next door have been acting so cockeredly these days, and now when I slam on their door with my cutlass I'll have the perfect line to bellow. One more click!

"Have ye dagger?"

Ha! Wouldn't ye like to know...

Don't stop there! More Tidings Await...

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