Disney Soundtrack for Thor Spoils Plot

When a new movie is released, you try not to read reviews that give away the plot or discuss the film with others who've seen it. But watch out! In a rare bonehead move, Disney has sent out spoilers for one of its own movies.

Thor, I suppose, isn't really a Disney film, but since Disney owns Marvel, we have to get used to movies about comic book heroes being Disney films.

In the movie, scheduled for release on May 6, Thor battles his brother, Loki.

In the comics, Thor has been battling his brother Loki since the 1960s. It's no surprise that Disney would play it safe by selecting Loki as Thor's first cinematic villain.

I'm more excited about Anthony Hopkins as Odin, but that's another story.

The movie soundtrack was composed by Patrick Doyle, and Disney just released a list of the song titles on that soundtrack.

This is when you want to leave if you dislike spoilers...

The song titles give away the movie plot.

For example, song #18 is called The Destroyer. (For those not in the know, the Destroyer is a big, powerful, enchanted robot.) The battle between Thor and the Destroyer likely will be one of the movie's "WOW" scenes. Wonder what'll happen!

Song #20: Thor Kills the Destroyer.

Followed by Song #21, Brothers Fight, and then song #22, Can You See Jane?, which suggests that Thor brings his human girlfriend Jane to meet his father Odin in Asgard.

The soundtrack has 24 songs. If you read each title in sequence, you'll be rewarded with a plot summary of the entire movie.

I'm not sure why Disney would give so much away. I question the value of releasing a soundtrack list in the first place - does anyone truly care? - but I'm stunned that the song titles spoil the movie. Unless they intended to spoil their own movie, or unless Loki himself was behind this deviltry, someone at Disney needs to report to Asgard, pronto!, first thing Monday morning.

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