Disney Princess Squinkies

Does the world need tiny, squishy toys in the shape of Disney princesses and called Squinkies, a nonsense word that I dare you to forget now that you've heard it? Well, of course, it does! And you'll be buying them soon. Here's why...

Squinkies are toys, little squishy figures that come in clear plastic 'eggs' similar to the ones that roll out of grocery store vending machines in exchange for a couple of quarters.

Squinkies are hugely popular, partly because they're called 'Squinkies' (such fun to say!), and partly because, well, no one knows. But they are popular, and getting more so.

They're made by the folks at Blip Toys, and they're relevant for us because the company has just released ... Disney Princess Squinkies!

Has your little girl asked for them yet? Just wait...

While you're waiting, here's what to expect: two different series of princess Squinkies, with four princesses represented in each series (Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White).

The first series ('bubble' packs) is straight-up Squinkie and comes with twelve different toys tied in with their 'host' princess. You're supposed to have - or be able to buy quickly - a gumball type dispenser for these loose Squinkies so you can load them into the dispenser and dispense, dispense, dispense.

The second series ('bracelet' packs) includes fewer toys (just four) but ups the ante with a charm bracelet and light-up ring, with links for attaching the toys to the bracelet. It's not enough just to dispense Squinkies; girls like to wear them in front of other girls. And just like a wedding ring, or possibly a butterfly tattoo, once one girl catches sight of another girl wearing a Squinkie, she'll want to wear one, too.

How much? $15.95 per pack. You'll find them at Wal-Mart and on-line at Amazon.

Compared to many of the nasty, attitude-driven toys on the market, Squinkies strike me as a pleasant return to simpler times when the key element in any toy was provided not by the manufacturer but rather by the imagination of the child. Disney Squinkies Princesses are run entirely on imagination, with the addded 'perk' of letting little girls wear their Squinkie creations on their wrists and take public pride in what they've done.

I'm a little old for Squinkies, but I appreciate - and recommend! - the product.

Don't stop there! More Tidings Await...

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