Disney Presents: Seals Pals 6

With Disney's interest in trademarking the name 'Seal Team 6', the group responsible for removing Osama bin Laden from the world, is it such a stretch to imagine an animated movie in which heavily armed Disney characters land in Abbottabad and...

Shortly after the heroic operation that ended with a bullet in the brain of Bin Laden, Disney filed papers to trademark 'Seal Team 6', the name of the group whose members carried out the raid. Can they do that? Sure!

Disney wants to trademark the name in categories relevant to them: clothing, toys, games, entertainment, and so forth.

It's not a stretch to imagine Seal Team 6 Halloween costumes. A Seal Team 6 video game. A Seal Team 6 toy rifle. And... a Seal Team 6 film?

Sneaky Seymour, my secret source inside Disney, smuggled out a snippet from the script of the upcoming animated film, Seal Pals 6. It seems quite graphic, but let's have a look:

Mickey: Good shot, Donald!

Minnie: Are you sure that was the right thing to do?

Mickey: He was holding something in his hand, and it seemed threatening.

Goofy: Hey, Mickey, look at what's playing on this old TV.

Mickey: CNN?

Goofy: Nope, a movie - let's see, Kandi Does Kandahar.

Minnie: Oh, that's disgusting.

Mickey: Pop it out, Goofy.

Goofy: Excuse me, Mickey?

Mickey: The video! We'll take it back and put it in the Disney Vault with Song of the South.

Goofy: Okey-doke, Mickey.

I guess Disney really was serious about not making more princess movies.

Disclaimer: There is, of course, no movie in the works (by Disney, anyway) called Seal Pals 6, and the scene with the Disney characters is fictional. They were in the theme parks during the actual operation and thousands of people have pictures to prove their alibis.

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