Custom Disney Countdown Ticker

Bob creates a countdown ticker for a very important event

I think it's time for a super-practical Tiding.

No Pizza Flyer Mafias like yesterday - not that I wouldn't write more about the Pizza Flyer Mafia but, well, these guys stopped by and told me...

Never mind.

Countdown tickers!

Everybody needs one. If you want the world to know when you're leaving for Disney, the best way to do it is with a free, custom countdown ticker that relentlessly informs you, second by second, how long your pre-departure anguish will persist.

I have to thank the Disney Diva for 'discovering' these tickers earlier today.

I went to their source, a site called My Vacation Countdown devoted exclusively to the distribution of free countdown tickers and run by the fine folks at Mouse for Less.

Getting your Disney countdown ticker takes no time at all. Select a ticker background (dozens available!), select a slider style, enter your vacation date and other essential information, and then create the ticker. Here's mine:

For the ticker to work, you insert a link in your site to the ticker hosted on My Vacation Countdown. Doing so is simple. They provide the code, you provide the copy 'n paste.

There are tickers available for other events, too: birthdays, weddings, even weight loss.

If you're the ticker type, you won't find an easier way to create one.

Don't stop there! More Tidings Await...

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