A Chat with Disney Action Hero Dave

Dave Longstreth reveals more about his real-life Disney adventure, which started when a thief stole Dave's stuff, including two iPhones, and ended after Dave pursued the thief across Bay Lake in a speed boat right into the arms of Disney security.

If you haven't read my account of Dave's adventure, you may wish to do that first, then come on back here to learn a few things that Dave hasn't yet told anyone else...

Had this happened to me, I'm not sure I would have been bright enough to rush back to my laptop and use Find My iPhone. Was that the first thing to enter your mind when you noticed your property had been stolen?

DAVE: It was the third thing. The first was "I can't believe this happened." The second was to look around at the people still at the pool and see if someone mistakenly grabbed our bag by accident.

What amazes me is that the thief didn't notice the commotion as he waited to board the ferry and then as he sat on the ferry for the ride to the Magic Kingdom. You probably had him in your sights the whole time. Did he act oblivious or did it appear to you that he was anxious to find an escape?

DAVE: He looked out of place and suspicious at the docks. I kept my emotions in check and tried my best to remain unsuspicious to him the entire time and the Disney Cast Members were also as low-key as they could be; however you are correct - it did amaze me that was so oblivious to what was going on. He may have known something was up, but he probably didn't want to give himself away.

Did you hesitate before jumping into the speed boat with the Cast Member to chase the ferry? Sounds like a scene from Miami Vice!

DAVE: Ha ha! No hesitation. I'm a person of action. I tend to speak/act before I think. In the heat of the moment I'm just thankful I kept my big mouth shut and wasn't forced to handle the situation myself.

Did you speak to the thief after he was apprehended?

DAVE: No. I refrained from saying something that I'd later regret.

Were other people aware of what was happening - either on the dock or at the Magic Kingdom?

DAVE: Everything remained pretty low-key as I'm certain Disney wouldn't want people to know what was happening. Conversations with security from me or my wife or the suspect were always taken to the side or away from the crowd.

Did Disney mention whether incidents like these occur often at the parks?

DAVE: They only commented that they had a great security force and that they haven't seen a suspect apprehended like this before. They were impressed that we were able to apprehend him so quickly (within 45 minutes of the incident).

It sounds like Disney handled things magnificently. Are you happy with how they responded to your situation and with how they treated you (and your family) afterward?

DAVE: My family and I are overly gracious to the team at Disney who helped us in this stressful situation both during and after the incident occurred. They earned their ears that day and we don't hesitate to let others know that customer service is a priority at Disney based on this and all of our experiences at the resorts and parks.

Dave, stories like yours are once in a blue moon. I'm thrilled yours had a happy ending - not to mention an adventure you can tell the grand-kids!

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