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The middle of the month really isn't a magical time, except when Nancy Bobby makes the magic with her mash-up of Disney World planning tips. Nancy never disappoints, and her latest includes tips for staying in deluxe resorts on a dime.

Greetings, Disney Dispatch friends! I hope you all have been wonderful since our last chat.

This month I'm all about splurging - while still saving - with Disney. Everyone wants to know they're getting a good deal, right? But wouldn't it be nice to know that you can have a 'deluxe' vacation and still have it be affordable? I think so, and I am willing to bet my Year-of-a-Million-Dreams Mickey Ears that you do, too.

So relax and join me for upgrade month with The Affordable Mouse. Let's talk about our favorite ways to splurge, and see how to make them, well, affordable.


One of the things I just love about the Disney resorts is the amazing themes that transport you to places far, far from Walt Disney World. And, as our writer Kelly noted recently, Disney's Polynesian Resort is pretty amazing at convincing you that you are not in Florida any more.

From the minute you walk into that splendid two-story lobby, see the waterfall, and get your lei (along with an 'Aloha'), there is something about this resort that just says, "Relax, you've had a long day at the parks. Here's a lapu lapu to help you unwind...".

Talk with the Animals

So maybe Polynesia is not your thing. How do you feel about Africa - and having your own personal wild animal savannah right outside your balcony?

As I shared a few weeks ago, the experience of waking up in the middle of the night at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, and hearing the animals literally feet from where I was standing, is something that I will never, ever, ever forget. Amazing doesn't even describe it. This is a resort where I could spend a weekend and truly never care if I ever set foot in a single park. And folks... that's saying a lot.

Does Location Really Matter?

If you love Epcot as much as my family does, then any of the Epcot resorts are a splurge worth considering. Disney's Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk, and the Swan/Dolphin all offer the awesome ability to totally forget about Disney transportation if you want, and just stroll on over to Epcot.

Yes, I said stroll: no crowded buses, no waiting for the monorail, no sharing a seat or figuring out how to get the stroller on and off - just a nice relaxing walk (of course with a Boardwalk Bakery item in hand) to get your Disney day started.

And if you don't feel like walking, then there's the boat, which is a nice way to get back at night when your feet are tired, and which will also take you to Hollywood Studios. Yes, there's nothing like a great location.

Deluxe on a Dime

Um, excuse me, what about the affordable part? So here's the thing...

I can't wave my magic wand, say "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo", and make these resorts each cost $79 a night (although that would be fun, wouldn't it?). But I can tell you that there are ways to make deluxe possible.

For one, look at things like time of year (some months are frankly cheaper than others) or length of stay (are you willing to have a shorter trip in exchange for some well-deserved pampering?). Consider giving up something else on your trip: fewer/cheaper souvenirs, drive instead of fly (well, gas at $4/gallon - okay, maybe not that part), or eat cheap.

Disney trips are all about putting the pieces together to create the trip you want, and there is no right or wrong way. So be flexible. And make sure you know and take advantage of available Disney promotions, because often they can make a deluxe property affordable in a way that you hadn't thought possible. Not sure what they are? Talk to a Disney travel specialist and get a quote.

Sailing Away with Captain Mickey

Possibly The Affordable Mouse's favorite way to splurge is on a Disney cruise. Brenda, one of our writers, is planning her first cruise right now. Am I living vicariously through her? You betcha. Are there ways to make a cruise affordable, too? You betcha.

Cruises come in all sizes, and a short 3-4 day cruise can be surprisingly affordable. Planning in advance to give you time to save, booking an inside stateroom, and realizing that pretty much everything is included in the price of your cruise can make this 'dream' a reality.

Disney is all about creating magic, right? In my opinion, being able to splurge, and knowing that it is actually affordable, is the very best kind of magic.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and see you next month!

Loving Walt Disney World but hating to spend a fortune on feeding her obsession, Nancy Bobby started her site, The Affordable Mouse, as a way to share information, ideas, tips, and suggestions about how to plan affordable Disney vacations. Her fondest wish is to move near the 'World'. But until then, she just pretends that she is there by telling random people she meets to "Have a magical day".

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