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Entering Disney World, especially for the first time, is like stepping foot in a foreign land. You have not months, not weeks, not even days to learn the geography, the culture, even the language. Next to your park pass, the most important thing to have in lieu of a local guide is park pointers: helpful, topical, practical advice about how to make the most of your temporary residence at Disney World. Amanda Sykora has been visiting Disney World for over thirty years, and as the Pink Ear Pixie, she dispenses practical pointers to enhance your experience and magnify your magic.

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FROM: Practical Pointers from the Pink Ear Pixie Published Every Other Wednesday

You Can't Explain How Disney Feels

Does ice cream really taste better when eaten at Disney World than it does anywhere else (except, maybe, Disneyland)? Would you choose to eat Dole Whip every day, if you could, or just on your annual Disney trip? Heavy questions...

My kids and I splurged for ice cream yesterday while trying to beat the summer heat. Enjoying our cones and cups, we had an in-depth conversation that made me really think about Disney and what it means to me.

My oldest son (I have three) is 11. His question that caused the discussion seemed simple enough: "Momma, would you rather eat ice cream here or eat ice cream at Disney World?"

I looked at him with a hint of sarcasm and almost rolled my eyes and gave him a "well, duh" answer, until I really thought about what he was asking. What IS the difference between eating a delicious ice cream cone on a hot summer day versus eating a delicious ice cream cone on a hot summer day at Disney World? The ice cream tastes almost the same.

Or does it?

This is exactly what I try to explain to my clients who have never traveled to Disney World. There is something special about being there that makes ice cream taste better. Music sound better. Fresh air smell better. You just can't explain how Disney World can make you feel. You have to feel it first-hand.

I took my son's question a bit further and redirected it at him. "Think about it this way. If we had a Dole Whip (a favorite ice cream of ours at Disney World) machine at home, and we could eat a Dole Whip whenever we wanted, would you rather eat a Dole Whip at home everyday? Or once a year at Disney World?"

All three of my boys responded at the same time, "At Disney World." That's my boys!

Disney World has a certain something special that you may not be able to verbalize. It's nothing tangible that you can hold and point to and say "this is it." Instead, it's the experience of Disney that leaves you smiling and feeling extra magical. My boys and I love Disney, and thankfully we know what it feels like, too.

Need more pointers? Come back next week, or get in touch with Amanda herself at her travel agency, Pixie and Pirate Destinations, where she'll answer all your questions, book your next trip, and possibly sprinkle a bit of (pink) pixie dust on your tickets!

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