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Entering Disney World, especially for the first time, is like stepping foot in a foreign land. You have not months, not weeks, not even days to learn the geography, the culture, even the language. Next to your park pass, the most important thing to have in lieu of a local guide is park pointers: helpful, topical, practical advice about how to make the most of your temporary residence at Disney World. Amanda Sykora has been visiting Disney World for over thirty years, and as the Pink Ear Pixie, she dispenses practical pointers to enhance your experience and magnify your magic.

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FROM: Practical Pointers from the Pink Ear Pixie Published Every Other Wednesday

Love for Disney Cruise Line

Taking a cruise, for some, is a nailbiting experience. If you've never taken one, and if you tell yourself that you'll never take one, Amanda Sykora understands: she thought the same! That is, until she took her first Disney cruise...

When my husband and I decided to plan our first cruise, I was a bit skeptical. The whole idea of a big ship with lots of people and nowhere to escape made me a little nervous.

But I decided to give it a try, and so we booked a 3-night cruise on the Disney Wonder. I immediately jumped into the planning stages to learn all there was to know about the ship, the sights, and the cruise process.

After months of research, our family of four stepped onto the ship and all my worries washed away.

As soon as a Cast Member announced "Welcome aboard the Sykora family!" I was a mushy mess. What was it about those five words that made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside? Walking into the atrium on the Wonder was amazing and awe inspiring. That was the moment I knew Disney Cruise Line would be an important part of my life from then on.

Since that first trip, my family has cruised several more times on Disney ships. And each cruise reminds me of why we love Disney.

The Cast Members make it so special. My family still refers to a group of wonderful servers on the Disney Magic - Vlado and Gerry. My kids learned magic tricks and mini science projects, all while seated and waiting for our appetizers and entrees.

We remember the shows, the islands, the fireworks, and of course, the food. Escargot. Shrimp. Pastries. Pizzas. Mickey Ice Cream bars. Steak. Lobster. Plate after plate of delicious delicacies that my family indulged in hour after hour. Amazingly enough, we didn't pack on the pounds because we stayed so busy the entire week!

I think it's a natural instinct to keep coming back to something that you love. Since we've had such great experiences on our Disney cruises, we will continue to cruise with Disney. There's nothing wrong with other cruise lines, but if someone asks why we choose Disney the answer is simple: We love it.

Need more pointers? Come back next week, or get in touch with Amanda herself at her travel agency, Pixie and Pirate Destinations, where she'll answer all your questions, book your next trip, and possibly sprinkle a bit of (pink) pixie dust on your tickets!

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