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A haiku is a highly structured poetic snippet consisting of three short phrases that together should trigger an image in your mind. You won't find haikus at Disney. You will find haikus about Disney every Monday on the Disney Dispatch written by JB Conway, author of the well-regarded book, Mouse of Zen, which of course is full of Disney haikus. What better way to step into your Disney week!

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Disney Parade Haiku #4

Does everyone love a Disney parade? Not quite. You'll see your share of heretics who eagerly await the Magic Kingdom parades so they can take advantage of the shorter lines at popular attractions. This haiku is not meant for them...

The haiku theme for this month is the jammin' July. And what jams more than a Disney parade? Through haiku, we'll step off the curb and march along with the magic.

Parades build anticipation. And if it's hot enough, or crowded enough, frustration, too.

But as parade time nears, your heart does beat faster, even if just a bit, because Disney parades promise excitement and characters and music and... you know what's next: magic!

In his haiku, JB Conway captures the perfect parallel between beating hearts and beating drums. And, of course, the widening eyes of little kids as the first float or marcher is spied in the distance.

Don't deny it: your eyes widen a little, as well...

If you haven't bought JB's book, Mouse of Zen, and yet you come here each week to read his haikus, why do you torture yourself? Are you a masochist? (Or maybe a mouseochist?) Don't you know you can get all the haikus at once? In the book!