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You know it costs too much. You know you'd never buy it if you weren't at Disney. But that's the power of MouseMerch: the racks and shelves and bins and boxes full of Disney merchandise that your kids must have - and, let's not be coy about it, you must have, too. Don't worry. You're among friends. But how to separate the most magical merchandise from the most mundane? That's easy, and it's free! Read Chris Taylor's weekly column, MouseMerch, and then impress your friends with your fantastic finds.

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FROM: MouseMerch Published Thursdays

New Disney Merchandise

Chris Taylor just returned from D23 and has some new pics and descriptions of some of the hot new merchandise hitting the Disney shelves.


New stuff!

This week is the world-famous D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA, a gathering of Disney fans, cast members, merchandise designers and retailers and a while bunch of bloggers. My good friend Tracie from www.vacationfieldguides will be out there for the very first time promoting her books. This event is sure to star some outstanding merch and collectables, but until you can get your hands on that, let's see what new items Disney has to offer.

This week at the Disney Store online saw a number of new items released into the wild. After going through them, I poked around and found some new items that were new to me. And now, I'm here to share them with you.


Disney park hopper shirt

Park Hopper Shirt
Mickey and friends jumping from WDW park to park. Awesome shirt.

Real men wear ears shirt

Real Men Wear Ears Shirt
Do real men wear Mickey ears? Yup. Especially if their 6 year old little girl wants him too. If she asks, you say yes no matter what. It just so happens I like Mickey ears, and I like this shirt.

Glass Mickey ears

Glass Mickey Ears
Disney calls these glass decorative Mickeys. I honestly don't know where I'd put them or what I'd do with them, but they're beautiful and I want 'em.

Mickey coffee tumbler

Mickey Coffee Tumbler
I think I've already made it clear my love of coffee, so I was excited to see a new coffee tumbler. This is part of a wider Mickey collection for the home featuring bright colors and bold graphics. My guess is this foreshadows a coming trend on retro-felling, if not down right 70s, Disney products for the home. Which makes sense to me. The children of the 70s, myself included, are coming to the point in life where we are embracing the culture of our childhood not as a kitschy fashion throwback, but a genuine love of the style, palette and aesthetic we grew up with. But this may be just me.

Kitchen magnets

Disney Magnets
New attraction magnets with Peter Pan AND the Haunted Mansion? I'm so there!

Pirates of the Caribbean hat

Pirates Hat
In all the years since the first Pirates of the Caribbean film was released, I've never found an item of Pirates wearables that I liked. They all looked like bad Ed Hardy knockoffs to me. Until now. This one has a Vans shoe or skater/surf vibe to it. Bold and bloody, like a pirate. Nice.
Lids have also have some new hats which I discuss over at my blog Just Off Main Street ( link to come)

That's it for this time. see ya real soon!