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You know it costs too much. You know you'd never buy it if you weren't at Disney. But that's the power of MouseMerch: the racks and shelves and bins and boxes full of Disney merchandise that your kids must have - and, let's not be coy about it, you must have, too. Don't worry. You're among friends. But how to separate the most magical merchandise from the most mundane? That's easy, and it's free! Read Chris Taylor's weekly column, MouseMerch, and then impress your friends with your fantastic finds.

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FROM: MouseMerch Published Thursdays

Disney Costume T-Shirts

Underoos? Did Chris Taylor admit to wearing Underoos? Maybe, maybe not. But what's for sure is that he'd love to wear Disney costume t-shirts, if only more of them came in his size. Check out his favorites. And then check out one he designed himself.

We all the love the Disney t-shirts (or tee shirts if you prefer). You can buy them everywhere in the Parks, and people do. Lots and lots of people.

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Incredibles Shirt


Spiderman Shirt


Captain America Shirt


Buzz Lightyear Shirt


Woody Shirt


Jessie Shirt


Goofy Shirt


Sorceror Mickey Shirt


A classic Mickey shirt designed by Chris Taylor himself!

To talk about Disney t-shirts would take much more space than we have here, so let's narrow it down and discuss one kind: the costume t-shirt.

Chris Talks About Underoos

If you're 40, or 40ish, you remember our first taste of a super hero costume t-shirt. Correct, I'm talking about Underoos.

I know you ran around the house in your Superman Underoos with a towel cape, jumping off the stairs, or making funny web-shooting sounds wearing your Spiderman shirt. But we quickly grew out of those.

Yes, they make Underoos for adults now, but don't be that guy...

If you're a Disney fan, you have a few choices to fuel your inner-costumed geek. Not as many as you'd think, and not all fit adults, but you'll have a good time finding one for your kid.

The Incredibles Shirt

My favorite? The Incredibles shirt.

Simple, easy, and you can get one for the entire family, even your own little Jack-Jack.

However, as far as I know, these are no longer in the Parks nor online at the Disney Store. But you can find them if you look. Amazon had some on last check. Just make sure you get one with the 'i' in yellow, or you got a knock-off.

During my first WDW trip with my daughter, we saw a lot of Incredibles shirts.

But, when I went into a few stores to look, they were always out. One Cast Member even told me they didn't make them for adults, which I knew for a fact to be wrong.

(On that trip, I had a number of issues with retail Cast Members, but that's another story.)

Bottom line: I never found an Incredibles shirt during that trip. Still, I love it. As a graphic artist, its simplicity appeals to me. And its a great color.

Marvel Shirts

Now that Disney has acquired comic book giant Marvel, you'd think the parks would be full of Spidey, Cap, and Wolvie shirts.

Umm, no.

They're all at Downtown Disney in the Disney Store. This may have something to do with the other Orlando theme park with Marvel characters down the road.

I'm not sure, but I think I've seen Spiderman and Iron Man hats on Main Street, USA. However, online and at the DtD Disney Store, you can pick through a selection of Marvel shirts, but the best selection is online.

Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Punisher rule the top spots, which makes sense as they have the most t-shirt-worthy costumes. I mean, the Punisher actually wears a t-shirt. I saw one Spiderman shirt with muscles. Really? Muscles?

Trust me, you don't want that one.

Pixar Shirts

I've found three Pixar shirts: Buzz, Woody, and Jessie. (They look a lot like the iPhone wallpapers I designed earlier this year).

I didn't find any of these shirts in adult sizes, but I bet your children will love them.

They are pretty cool.

Disney Shirts

Finally, there are two Disney character shirts: Goofy and a Sorcerer Mickey.

I really like these, and you can get them in larger sizes. Makes me wish they had an entire line of character shirts. Imagine all seven dwarfs. Or Donald and Daisy. Or a black Mickey shirt with buttons and red shorts? That'd be awesome...

So, dear reader, indulge your Disney costume fantasies. You'll be sure to look great.


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