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Disney nametags: You see them everywhere but do you have any idea how many of them there are? Or how they're designed? Or their fascinating histories? Benson Myers, curator of the Nametag Museum, knows. And in his new column, It's All in a Nametag, he'll spotlight some of Disney's more interesting (and often obscure) nametags so that the next time you see a nametag pinned to a Disney Cast Member you'll know there's a lot more to that nametag than just ... a name!

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FROM: It's All in a Nametag Published Thursdays

Magical Mystery Nametag Tour

When it comes to Disney nametags, even Benson Myers is not omniscient. There are tags in his collection that stump even him. Today, he presents a few of these mystery tags, and asks you to help track down their stories.

Today I'd like to share some of the more unusual nametags that I've discovered in my travels but which I haven't been able to conclusively identify.

The problem is that Disney sometimes creates a nametag for a very small event, involving only a few people, and doesn't keep any official records about the event. I suspect that might be the case here.

Can you help me solve these mysteries? Any leads or tips would be most beneficial!

This one is pretty clear. It was created for the Disneyland Sign Language Club:

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate anyone who was a member of that club. I'm not sure when the club was established, nor by whom. Were regular meetings held at Disneyland? Or was this club for Cast Members who served as interpreters and hosts for deaf guests visiting Disneyland?Nowadays, Cast Members who know sign language wear a special nametag:

I've come up empty on the Disneyland Sign Language Club. Even a Google search is no help, returning a single relevant result linking back to the page on my Nametag Museum website that mentions the nametag in question!

Here's another mystery:

The nametag is from the Disney Store, like it says, and it was used in 1990 for some kind of event. I know this nametag wasn't in general use by Cast Members working at the actual Disney Stores. It could have been made for a 'behind-the-scenes' event or for a special Store opening.

I've asked a few people who worked at the Disney Store in 1990, and they don't remember anyone ever using the "Making Magic Is What We Do" slogan. Just another lost memory in the 24 year history of the Disney Store.

Here's another one I can't identify:

The Mickey Mouse artwork on the nametag is nearly identical to the Mickey on the water tower outside the Disney Studios in Burbank:

However, on the nametag, Mickey is wearing a scarf and winter hat. So was this nametag perhaps made for a Christmas party at the Disney Studios? Or maybe for the security guards to wear during the holidays? Inquiring minds want to know.

Can anyone out there help me learn the truth behind these nametags?

I guess it's kind of like that old commercial with the kid who wanted to know how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop:

The world may never know.


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