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If Disney piled all its themed merchandise in one place, it would likely reach to infinity - and beyond. You see it everywhere: at the parks, online, in your neighbor's house. And you're tempted, sorely tempted, to make it yours: not always because you need it but because it came from Disney. For many people, that means irresistible. But fight the urge, just for a moment, until you've read what Jessica Clawson thinks about that irresistible piece of Disneyana. Chances are, she has already succumbed to the urge - and now, temporarily recovered, wants to tell you whether it was worth it.

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FROM: It Came from Disney! Published Tuesdays

Mickey Mouse Desk Calendar

The passage of time is made less painful with a desk calendar featuring your favorite Mouse and mine - Mickey! But is it my imagination, or is Mickey flipping us the bird? It sure looks like it! HERE'S your wonderful day, he seems to be implying...

As a teacher, I'm always looking for more things that I can add to my classroom.

Whenever possible, I naturally try to find as many Disney items as I can. I love the idea of being able to share with my students my passion for Disney, but at the same time I don't want to overwhelm them.

I found the perfect compromise with Hallmark's Mickey Mouse Desk Calendar.

click an image to expand:


Is that your middle finger, Mickey?


Mickey watches the months roll by

Hallmark has a new line of subtle Disney decorations with plaques and mugs featuring images of characters with their most memorable quotes - and even Walt Disney himself. The calendar is part of this great collection.

It has a black base with an upright figure of Mickey in silhouette leaning on a tan box that displays the quote "My, oh my, what a wonderful day" at the top.

Underneath the quote is a pair of boxes, one with two sets of dice-sized cubes with numbers on them to represent the days of the month and a smaller, rectangular box on the bottom that contains three long blocks with the names of the months written on them.

The dimensions of the entire calendar are about 3.5 inches tall from Mickey's ear by 5.5 inches across, and about 2 inches deep.

While I don't yet have a desk upon which to put this calendar, it has such class and subtlety that my family has been keeping it on top of the entertainment center.

The Mickey Mouse Desk Calendar is a functional yet classy decoration perfect for home or classroom. Check it out in your local Hallmark store!