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If Disney piled all its themed merchandise in one place, it would likely reach to infinity - and beyond. You see it everywhere: at the parks, online, in your neighbor's house. And you're tempted, sorely tempted, to make it yours: not always because you need it but because it came from Disney. For many people, that means irresistible. But fight the urge, just for a moment, until you've read what Jessica Clawson thinks about that irresistible piece of Disneyana. Chances are, she has already succumbed to the urge - and now, temporarily recovered, wants to tell you whether it was worth it.

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FROM: It Came from Disney! Published Tuesdays

Mickey Mouse Cherry Wood Photo Frame

Want to see my Disney pictures? Good luck! The early ones are in shoe boxes; the newer ones are on external hard drives. Few are framed. That might change now that Jessica Clawson has found a very cool frame to hold not one but three Disney photos.

When you are in Walt Disney World, or any theme park really, you take photos to keep as memories of your vacation.

click an image to expand:


Jessica's Disney Pictures, Framed in Cherry Wood


Each Frame is Attached with Mickey Head Bolts


A Sturdy Chain Ensures This Frame Won't Fall

Sometimes, those pictures gather virtual dust on your camera or computer for the next 5 years (I am guilty of this, for sure), but other times, you may want to print your photos, put them in frames, and show them off to family and friends.

Disney sells many different frames to hold your Disney pictures, but one that I particularly like (and use!) is the Three-Link Cherry Wood Mickey Mouse Photo Frame.

As its name suggests, the frame 'set' holds three 4x6 pictures in three separate frames held together with metal Mickey heads.

The frames hang from a bolted chain on the top. The chain is very sturdy, easily holds the frames, and stands little chance of breaking.

You secure each of your three pictures in their respective frames with a metal piece that slides into a groove. The corners of each frame sport Mickey Mouse heads carved into the cherry wood.

We bought this frame at Disney World, but it's also available on-line at DisneyStore.com for $27.95. The reviews are uniformly positive, and the lowest customer rating is a 4 out of 5.

About the only negative comment - and it's not really negative - is from reviewer 'KingKong', who wished the color had been a "lot lighter" but still thought the frame was "really cute".

There are other frames in Disney's Mickey Mouse Cherry Wood collection, including a beveled frame that holds a single 5x7 photo.

The Three-Link Cherry Wood Mickey Mouse Photo Frame is stylish, well-made, and adds a classy Disney accent to any home.


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