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Jess Clawson is a soon to be educator who loves everything and anything Disney! She loves to read about Disney, photograph Disney, and write about Disney! Oh, and since she is of the female persuasion, she naturally loves to shop Disney, too! She cannot walk past a Disney Store without going inside and seeing what's new. She will use her keen shopping senses to test Disney products and give her honest opinion about each one! Yes, Jess knows it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!

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It Came from Disney!

by Jessica Clawson

If Disney piled all its themed merchandise in one place, it would likely reach to infinity - and beyond. You see it everywhere: at the parks, online, in your neighbor's house. And you're tempted, sorely tempted, to make it yours: not always because you need it but because it came from Disney. For many people, that means irresistible. But fight the urge, just for a moment, until you've read what Jessica Clawson thinks about that irresistible piece of Disneyana. Chances are, she has already succumbed to the urge - and now, temporarily recovered, wants to tell you whether it was worth it.

Mickey Mouse Band Aids

DEC 6Jessica introduces a useful but great looking collectible item rolled into one - bandaids for those little booboos we all get in life.

PoMo Galaxy Jewelry

OCT 11Jessica gives a little insight into PoMo Galaxy Jewelry and picks out a wonderful piece to show this column.

40th Anniversary Travel Mug

SEP 27Jessica gives us a look at the hot/cold travel mug and how well it works for the Disney fan who is on the go.

Disney Leather Wallet

SEP 20Jessica shows us an item from a unique seller of Disney products and someone you might not expect to have your favorite WDW items at - Bradford Exchange.

The 2011 Dot Magnet Set

SEP 12 Jessica pulls another great product from her bag of tricks and shows us the 2011 dot magnet set with all your favorite characters.

The New Design of the Poncho

AUG 30 Jessica explores the new logo design of one of the Disney theme park's most purchased items - the lowly rain poncho.

40th Anniversary Mickey Ears: The Results

AUG 16 Jessica most looked forward to buying one wearable souvenir on her recent trip to Disney World: the 40th Anniversary Mouse Ears hat. The Mouse (like the Force, but without a dark side) was with her and she scored her prize.

Spinning Disney's World: Second Opinion

AUG 9 A few months ago, I reviewed Charlie Ridgway's memoir, Spinning Disney's World. Thumbs-up, I decreed. Now Jessica Clawson seeks a spin. Whither point her thumbs? Read her review of Charlie's book and find out for yourself.

"Four Parks One World Disney" Snowglobe

AUG 2 Disney collectors like to talk about their pins and their vinyls, but a spirited sub-set prefer conversing seriously about their snowglobes. Though expensive, snowglobes (like the one here) have the gravitas for parlor presentation!

Disney Trivia: Games on the Go CD

JUL 26 Nowadays, long car rides aren't so fearsome because most of us have iPods, cell phones, and other time-busters. But if your long car rides terminates at Disney World, you probably want a DISNEY time-buster. Maybe a trivia game? On CD...

On the Road with the Disney Trivia Game

JUL 19 When I was a kid, my parents usually would drive from our home in Pennsylvania to Disney World. For a car trip of such unbearable length, it's essential to bring things to do. Jessica knows the feeling. And she also knows just what to bring.

Magic Kingdom Retro Character Shirt

JUL 12 I'm not a girl, but if I were, I'd love to wear Jessica's new Disney shirt. It brings back memories of my childhood trips to Disney World. It has no grunge, no pretension, no 'edgy' design. It's just the magic of Disney, in polyester.

40th Anniversary Magic Kingdom Mickey Ears

JUL 5 The question is posed not by Ivory Tower academics but by Disney World fanatics: can you ever have enough pairs of Mickey ears? The answer is a resounding 'no', especially when you consider this latest set of ears, sure to spur some memories.

Mickey Mouse Desk Calendar

JUN 28 The passage of time is made less painful with a desk calendar featuring your favorite Mouse and mine - Mickey! But is it my imagination, or is Mickey flipping us the bird? It sure looks like it! HERE'S your wonderful day, he seems to be implying...

Epic Mickey: Beaten!

JUN 21 I grew up on Space Invaders. I understood that game. I've tried modern video games, but I take so long to decide what to do that something always comes along to kill me. Now here's Jessica Clawson, who just beat the pixels out of Epic Mickey. So jealous...

Three Photo Mickey Ear Frame

JUN 14 What if you had not one, not two, but three very special Disney photos, and you wanted just the right frame to put them in. Jessica knows of just such a frame! It will hold your three pictures, and it will display them in the shape of Mickey ears!

Graduation Plush with Mug

JUN 7 Ever wonder why graduations are in the spring? Farmers wanted their kids home to help in the fields for the summer. That no longer matters, but traditions are hard to break, and one such tradition is the graduation gift. How about a mug... and a Mickey!

Mickey Burger Press, Part 2

MAY 31 Last week, Jessica survived the burger-pocalypse: her burgers in the shape of Mickey heads, courtesy of the Mickey Burger Press, did not hold their shape, separating into rather gruesome (but tasty) Mickey parts. Undaunted, Jessica tries again...

Mickey Burger Press, Part 1

MAY 24 With summer just around the bend, our thoughts naturally turn to... burgers! And since we are who we are, those burgers take the shape of Mickey heads. But how to pull off such a feat? Possibly with the help of Pop Art's Mickey Burger Press.

Mickey Graduation Caps

MAY 17 It's time, nearly, for tens of thousands of enlightened kids to graduate from colleges across the country, ready to land their dream jobs. Doing so in style is important, and those plain mortar board hats are ugly. They'd look better with Mickey ears, right?

Walt Disney World Jackets

MAY 10 When I visit Disney World in the winter, I often see people wearing jackets when the weather, for me, is temperate enough for shorts. If you must wear a jacket in such conditions, avoid Yankee snickers by selecting genu-wine Walt Disney World apparel.

Mickey Baseball Hats

MAY 3 In a confession sure to shock, Jessica Clawson admits to having interests unrelated to Disney. Like sports. But when it came time to buy a baseball hat for her cousin, Jess couldn't resist finding a way to bring Disney back into it. There's no escape.

Mickey Mouse Cherry Wood Photo Frame

APR 26 Want to see my Disney pictures? Good luck! The early ones are in shoe boxes; the newer ones are on external hard drives. Few are framed. That might change now that Jessica Clawson has found a very cool frame to hold not one but three Disney photos.

Lion King Water Bottles

APR 19 Earth Day is April 22, but Jessica Clawson wants to celebrate it early, and in style, with an eco-friendly Lion King aluminum water bottle (though it might hold bourbon, too) that Jessica tests both for durability and drink-worthiness.

Le Quiche Lorraine

APR 12 In a first, I present a review of something that I refuse to try, and that Jessica Clawson certainly won't try, even though she's the reviewer. How can we get away with that? We're not rats. Or rabbits. Come see what just came from Disney...

Tangled Tower Play Sets

APR 5 I have an inner child. (I call him Bobby.) So do you. And so does Jessica Clawson, who saw the Tangled Tower Play Sets on the shelf of her local Disney Store and immediately had the overwhelming urge to shed her grown-up shackles and ... play.

Mickey Camera Straps

MAR 29 Can one put too much Mickey on oneself? No. It has been proven impossible. By experts! The average human body has ample room for Mickey ears, Mickey shirts, Mickey shoes, Mickey hats, Mickey sunglasses, and ... Mickey camera straps, too!

Vintage Mickey Mouse Bread Box Set

MAR 22 Most folks want more than what they've got. I'm no different. Neither is Jessica Clawson, who spends enjoyable hours on DisneyStore.com compiling wish lists of very cool items. Call them the things that MIGHT come from Disney. Here's one now!

Disney Second Screen

MAR 15 In my day, you waited for movies to show up in TV Guide and then made plans to watch them. We loved it! Nowadays, 'interactive' is the buzz word, and Jessica Clawson has found the ultimate in interactive: Disney Second Screen.

Disney Mugs

Jessica Clawson doesn't drink coffee but loves Disney mugs

MAR 8 Almost everyone in my household is a coffee drinker (everyone except me, actually), so we have a great many coffee mugs in our house. After looking at our mug collection, I realized that about 90% of them are from Disney! We have mugs from the parks, mugs with characters on them, short mugs, tall mugs, and even... MORE

World Traveler Wallet

Jessica Clawson keeps her cash and cards in Disney style

MAR 1 Being the Disney person that I am, I like to make my love of Disney stand out in every way possible. Whether it's shoes, a t-shirt, a purse, or a pair of earrings, I make sure that people know that I'm a Disney girl! Last week, I shared my Disney backpack; this week, I'm talking about my Disney wallet. For a... MORE

Personalized Disney World Backpack

Let the world (and the World) know it's yours

FEB 22 When you pack for a day at Walt Disney World, there is a laundry list of items you can (and sometimes should) bring: everything from sun screen and cameras to snacks for the little ones. To carry these things, you must have the proper bag. I've found that regular purses or totes, when filled with Disney... MORE

Pop Art Mickey Toasters

Bob McLain goes Iron Chef with the Pop Art Mickey Toaster

JAN 03 In my day, toasters were made of silvery metal, took two slices of white bread, and returned two slices of toast, often burnt. You buttered the toast, maybe slathered on some jelly, and considered yourself well-fed. You didn't play with your toast. You didn't think of it as art. The times, they have a-changed. MORE