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Keith Anderson is the co-owner of Mouseketrips, a Disney-only travel agency 'born' in 2002 to offer Substance over Pixie Dust. Both Keith and his partner, Scott Liljenquist, have been visiting Disneyland since their youth (which is longer than they'd like to admit) and Walt Disney World for over 20 years. They've stayed at every Disney hotel, cruised on every ship, and eaten at every Disney restaurant. Over the years, they've seen just about everything there is to see in Disney travel, both good and bad, and accumulated lots of killer travel tips. We'd be happy to help you plan a memorable, magical, and affordable Disney vacation.

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Disney Travel Tips from Mouseketrips

by Keith Anderson

Is it possible to have too many Disney tips? Well, yes, if they're from your crazy uncle Louie, but not if they're straight from the experts, the folks who plan perfect trips for others day-in, day-out: Disney travel agents! Keith Anderson, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and co-owner of Mouseketrips, has been doing that for years. He's learned a lot about Disney, especially how to save money on a Disney vacation without skimping on the frills or the thrills. Every week, in Disney Travel Tips from Mouseketrips, Keith will distill new Disney wisdom - just for you! Don't tell Uncle Louie...

The Many Splendors of Disney Hotels

AUG 13 When you hear people say they intend to book an off-site hotel for their Disney vacation, it's time for an intervention. The arguable savings of a few dollars per night simply doesn't stack up to the many perks of 24/7 Disney magic.

Disney Discount Roulette

AUG 6 Sound the trumpets. Free dining at Disney World is back. It's the discount perhaps most eagerly sought by hungry visitors, and it opens vast vistas of victual variety. But the deal has a slight catch. Be aware of it before you book.

Options at the Art of Animation Resort

JUL 30 Disney is building its newest resort, Art of Animation, atop the steel and concrete bones of what was to have been an expansion of Pop Century. Let's get ready to ... book! Keith Anderson runs down Art of Animation's tempting options.

Disney Resort Extracurricular Activities

JUL 23 Some entertaining but mostly unknown activities await Disney Resort guests, especially after the parks close. Keith Anderson has the low-down on a few of these activities, including a 'Lady Bug Release' at the Contemporary, featuring Jiminy Cricket.

Time Saving Tips for Your Disney Vacation

JUL 16 The most magical commodity at any Disney park isn't the characters or the shows or the attractions (it's not even your rapidly dwindling budget): it's time. The clock starts ticking the moment you arrive. Here are some tips for slowing the ticks.

Secret Disney Cruise Staterooms

JUL 9 Thanks to Keith Anderson, the secret is out: the secret staterooms, that is. When you book your next Disney cruise, you can save money by asking for either a secret porthole room or a secret veranda room. Of course, there's a slight catch...

The Crux of the Cancel

JUL 2 It's the worst thing that can happen before you arrive at Disney: the Big C. Cancel. After all that planning, after all that anticipation, you're forced to cancel your trip. And perhaps pay fees for the privilege? Let's try to avoid those fees...

Single Rider Lines: Not Just for the Lonely

JUN 25 The single rider lines at Disney theme park are not, as Keith Anderson points out, for singles. It's highly unlikely you'll get lucky in the single rider line, since most of the folks in it are married - and probably not dating.

Keeping Cool at Disney

JUN 11 As summer approaches, visitors to Disney World will be thinking of three things: the long lines, the afternoon downpours, and keeping cool. Keith Anderson can help with the third. In fact, he can help you do it for free, if you happen to be in EPCOT.

The Mouse Behind the Curtain

JUN 4 So you've been to the Disney parks umpteen times, think you've seen it all, and decide there's no reason to return. You're wrong. There's more to see, and as Keith Anderson explains, much of it is underground. Take the Keys to the Kingdom tour!

Waiting for a Disney Discount

MAY 28 For some people, it's routine: check for new discounts from Disney before booking a trip. But waiting for discounts can be painful, and it can hold up your plans. Is it really necessary? Keith Anderson explains that you can book first, check later.

Dining with Mickey

MAY 21 Next to dining with DeNiro, probably the hottest table ticket in the world is a meal with Mickey, and unlike DeNiro, Mickey is happy to drop by your table, and he'll sign autographs, too. Where to find him? Keith Anderson whispers in your ear.

The Ride to Nowhere

MAY 7 Any Talking Heads fans in the audience? Keith Anderson's latest article, the Ride to Nowhere, doesn't travel the Road to Nowhere, but it does provide a unique set of tips for calming your crazy self at Disney World with three relaxing (head)trips...

Disney World Holiday Parties

APR 30 My two favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I'm not alone. Thousands attend the special 'parties' that Disney hosts in the Magic Kingdom for each of those holidays. If you never have, better not pout: Keith Anderson is here to help you out.

Disney Cruise Gratuities

APR 23 Among the fundamental questions of our existence, right up there with "What does it all mean?", is "How much to tip?". Keith Anderson comes down from the mountain with some tips for tipping Cast Members on a Disney Cruise.

Dining with Character

APR 16 You're eating a nice meal on the town when some strange character interrupts and starts acting strangely. Waiter! Hold on, it's Disney! You WANT your meal interrupted. Keith Anderson serves the best Disney character dining experiences.

To Hop or Not to Hop

APR 9 One of the 'religious' debates waged among the Disney faithful is whether to 'park hop' or whether to stay put in the same park for the entire day. There's no right answer. But, as Keith Anderson explains, there are times to hop and times to stay.

Disney Cruise Line Special Restriction Staterooms

APR 2 Disney cruises are expensive. And often it's difficult, if not impossible, to dig up a discount on your stateroom. Enter Keith Anderson! If you're flexible and not too picky, Keith shows how to set sail for less in a special restriction stateroom.

In Support of the Disney Dining Plan

MAR 26 Nothing hurts worse than missing out on a discount that would have saved you hundreds on a Disney vacation. The discounts are out there! Easily found, too. Before you start looking, Keith Anderson helpfully explains what you should be looking for.

Disney World Discounts

MAR 19 Nothing hurts worse than missing out on a discount that would have saved you hundreds on a Disney vacation. The discounts are out there! Easily found, too. Before you start looking, Keith Anderson helpfully explains what you should be looking for.

To Annual Pass or Not to Annual Pass

Keith Anderson wonders whether 'tis best to Annual Pass

MAR 12 Twenty years ago, when I made my first trek across country to Walt Disney World, the only available discounts were AAA room discounts, which were poor, and Annual Pass (AP) discounts, which were pretty decent. Back then, of course, there wasn't easy access via the Internet to current deals. You had to make a... MORE

Disneyland Tidbits

Keith Anderson learned some new travel tips at Disneyland

MAR 5 I spent the last few days in Disneyland, and I thought I would share a few things I learned while in the parks. Disneyland is fantastic, and you can't really call yourself a Disney fan unless you've been there. World of Color See it. Really, you have to see it. There are several ways to get reserved seats for... MORE

Quick Service Quickies

Keith Anderson finds the best counter cuisine at Disney World

FEB 26 From the Turkey Leg carts in the theme parks to Victoria and Albert's, a AAA Five Diamond restaurant in the Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World has a wide variety of dining options. Most people, however, just want to grab something quick and get in line for the next ride. The best place for that is at one of... MORE

Doing It for Free at Disney World

Keith Anderson shows how to have Disney fun for free<

FEB 19 Every once in a while we need a break from the Disney World parks - and prices! Maybe it's the night you arrive, maybe it's a few hours or even a day of down-time during your stay. Disney World offers quite a few things you can do that won't cost you anything. One of my favorite activities to do upon arrival... MORE

The Family of Five Challenge

Keith Anderson makes life easier for families of five at Disney World

FEB 12 One of the most frustrating situations we encounter on a regular basis is families of 5 wanting to visit Walt Disney World. A family of 4 or less can stay anywhere on property without limitations; however, if you have 5 in your group, the available choices decrease dramatically. It seems like once your group... MORE

Disney Gift Cards

Keith Anderson suggests a better way to pay for your Disney trip

FEB 5 When booking your Disney vacation, Disney provides several ways for you to pay for your package: major credit card, personal check, Disney Rewards card, and even Disney Gift Cards. Most guests use credit cards to make their payments, either for financing purposes or for the cash back or miles they'll... MORE