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A diva, if you want to get etymological, is a 'goddess, a fine lady'. We're not sure whether our Disney Diva is a goddess but she's certainly a fine lady when it comes to dispensing Disney tips and park lore, especially about her favorite Disney things. But don't let the Diva title fool you: Kristin's advice is always practical, her tips always inventive, even if they do often come a bit of Diva-tude.

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Surprise Trips to Disney World

The Disney Diva dislikes surprises except those she plans herself

I'm actually not a fan of surprises.

I am one of those people who peek at Christmas gifts in order to plan how I'll react if the gift isn't what I want. I don't like surprise parties because I think it's unfair not to give the honoree a chance to fix their hair and clothing adequately for the photos that will, no doubt, be distributed all over Facebook regardless of pleas from the Diva, I mean, the honoree, not to post them.

Surprises are fun for some, but rarely are they fair to the surprisee.

There's one surprise, however, that I love (as long as I get to PLAN the surprise). And that's a surprise vacation!

The Disney Diva family is planning a surprise weekend get-away for the Diva children this weekend. The Diva kids, son (8) and daughter (4), are hard-core Disney junkies just like their mom and dad, and since our annual passes expire on Sunday, we decided to squeeze in trip #4 to Disney World without them knowing about it. We have surprised our son once before, but that was many years ago.

We were able to get extremely inexpensive airfare by flying out of an airport approximately 2 hours from our house, and so it's been easy to convince the children that we were simply doing a 'stay-cation' to enjoy some of the Spring-like weather we've been experiencing off and on in the deep South.

Since they already know we are going somewhere for the weekend, packing isn't a giveaway because they know we'll need clothes and toiletries to stay overnight at a hotel.

Which is important to the surprise!

If you'd like some ideas to plan your surprise Disney vacation, check my blog, Tips from the Disney, throughout this coming week.

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