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A diva, if you want to get etymological, is a 'goddess, a fine lady'. We're not sure whether our Disney Diva is a goddess but she's certainly a fine lady when it comes to dispensing Disney tips and park lore, especially about her favorite Disney things. But don't let the Diva title fool you: Kristin's advice is always practical, her tips always inventive, even if they do often come a bit of Diva-tude.

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Magic Shots

The Disney Diva does Magic Shots at Disney World

Shot! Shot! Shot! Relax: it's not that kind of shot. It's Magic Shots! And I bet the Disney Diva can do more Magic Shots than you.

When I first heard about PhotoPass, I thought: "What, are you nuts?. I have my own ALREADY PAID FOR camera, thank you very much. I can take my OWN pictures."

Then I became aware of the fact that I WASN'T IN ANY OF THEM! (Which is a tragedy because I AM a diva, after all!)

Luckily, there are PhotoPass Photographers all over Disney World.

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Captain Hook Magic Shot


Simba Magic Shot


Stitch Magic Shot

Just look for the folks with the GIANT cameras around their necks and a patch somewhere on their clothes that says PhotoPass. Then keep up with the card that they give you! It's fine if you have one or two cards, but don't accumulate a zillion of them. You'll forget which is which, and if you lose one, the pictures on it are gone, too.

We keep our PhotoPass cards with our tickets in our little pouches. (What pouches? It's another of my favorite things!)

When you return home from Disney, enter the ID number on your card into Disney's PhotoPass website. You can then view all the photos on that card. You can share them, edit them, and order prints, too. You can even pre-order a PhotoCD to save some money.

But what many people don't know is that there are some really COOL pics that you can only get from PhotoPass Photographers.

Magic Shots!

Certain Disney photographers are trained to take special pictures with different Disney images 'magically' added to the photo. The photographer poses you in a certain way and then the camera does the rest.

You can't see the final image right then and there. Instead, you have to use your PhotoPass ID number to view your picture on the PhotoPass website or at a PhotoPass kiosk. You can then order it as you would any other photo.

Some of the really neat shots you can get include Tinker Bell in the palm of your hand or an action shot of you crossing swords with Captain James Thaddeus Hook.

(Bob's three cents: Who else but a Diva would know the guy's full name?)

They are absolutely a blast!

But to get a Magic Shot, you have to ask your PhotoPass photographer first. He'll let you know which Magic Shots, if any, he's able to take.

Stitch Kingdom has more information about where to regularly find Magic Shot photographers and some sample shots.

I hope Magic Shots become some of YOUR favorite things, too!

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