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I have loved Disney for as long as I can remember. My first Disney trip was in 1980 at only 8 months old. I have been back about 30 times since. I now have 3 children who are 6, 4, and 2, and they have all been to Disney, too. I became the Disney Diva in March of 2010 when I started my first Disney blog. I am now a Disney specialist travel planner and have started Magical Memory Planners to help my clients, friends, and followers plan their magical Disney vacations. Request a free quote for your Disney vacation in Walt Disney World or Disney Cruise Line!

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Disney Diva's Favorite Things

by Allison Sandberg

A diva, if you want to get etymological, is a 'goddess, a fine lady'. We're not sure whether our Disney Diva is a goddess but she's certainly a fine lady when it comes to dispensing Disney tips and park lore, especially about her favorite Disney things. But don't let the Diva title fool you: Allison's advice is always practical, her tips always inventive, even if they do often come a bit of Diva-tude.

Favorite Thing #18: Safety Pictures

The Disney Diva takes some pictures just for safety

MAR 12 Traveling to Disney, especially with kids, can cause you to lose things. In fact, every day there are tons of sunglasses, cameras, and other travel items turned in to lost and found. Use your camera to help keep your things found. How? Take safety pictures of the few things you can't afford to lose while on vacation. Park... MORE

Favorite Thing #17: Surprise Trips to Disney World

The Disney Diva dislikes surprises except those she plans herself

MAR 5 The Disney Diva family is planning a surprise weekend get-away for the Diva children this weekend. The Diva kids, son (8) and daughter (4), are hard-core Disney junkies just like their mom and dad, and since our annual passes expire on Sunday, we decided to squeeze in trip #4 to Disney World without them... MORE

Favorite Thing #16: Disney Princess Squinkies

Roberta Royale visits the strange new world of Squink

FEB 26 So what's a Squinkie? Honestly, I had no idea. But some girls at my daughter's school were raving about them, and of course that means it's only a matter of moments before I'm asked to deliver the same goods. A Squinkie is a tiny toy. It's sold in a round plastic shell: the same kind of shell... MORE

Favorite Thing #15: FASTPASS

The Disney Diva does not wait in long lines

FEB 19 If you want to show the world you're NOT a diva, then wait in line - go ahead, stand in that line a good long time, and when you finally get on the ride, everyone in the park will know you're a fake. The Disney Diva, of course, does not stand in lines (sometimes, she poses in lines, but that's... MORE

Favorite Thing #14: Magic Shots

The Disney Diva does Magic Shots at Disney World

FEB 12 Certain Disney photographers are trained to take special pictures with different Disney images 'magically' added to the photo. The photographer poses you in a certain way and then the camera does the rest. You can't see the final image right then and there. Instead, you have to use your PhotoPass ID number to... MORE

Favorite Thing #13: Disney Races

The Disney Diva runs regally in Disney races

FEB 5 Both Disney World and Disneyland host races that range from 5K's to marathons. Maybe you knew that. But did you know about the 'adventure' races? Or the kid fun runs? For added magic, the tracks for most of these races include stretches through the parks themselves. (Sorry, there are no official... MORE

Favorite Thing #12: California Grill Cheese Plate

The Disney Diva declares California Grill cheese divalicious

JAN 29 Dear California Grill Cheese Plate: I love you! Love, The Disney Diva. You already know I'm obsessed with Walt Disney World food. This "Favorite Thing" is one of the reasons why. Last June my husband and I took a "grown ups only" trip to Disney World for our 10th anniversary where we enjoyed our... MORE

Favorite Thing #11: Dole Whips

The Disney Diva hooks up with a Dole Whip

JAN 22 I have been known, on occasion, to get extreme random cravings for Disney World foods. Most often I am accosted by a deep and insatiable longing for a Dole Whip from Aloha Isle in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. I am convinced that whatever they have put into those little cups of pineapple.... MORE

Favorite Thing #10: Disney Ornaments

The Disney Diva trims the tree with Disney Ornaments

JAN 15 During our family trips to Disney, we visit Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square to pick out a new Christmas ornament. If we can't make it there, we visit Disney Days of Christmas in Downtown Disney, instead. We now have just about every different style of ornament.... MORE

Favorite Thing #9: Flip Cameras

The Disney Diva gets all Spielberg with a Flip Camera

JAN 11 Moments happen QUICKLY at Walt Disney World. You're walking down Main Street and suddenly the Barbershop Quartet is working you into a song, or your daughter sits down in Princess Aurora's lap and starts to snuggle. Sometimes the digital camera can tell the story, but other times what you need is video! The Flip... MORE

Favorite Thing #8: Giveaway Toys

The Disney Diva's children spread magic with Giveaway Toys

JAN 09 On my daughter's first trip to Walt Disney World, she and I were strolling through the World Showcase when a girl of about 12 approached us. "I'd like your daughter to have this Minnie Mouse stuffed animal," she said. "Is that OK?" I nodded and the girl bent down to hand my daughter the Minnie - much to her... MORE

Favorite Thing #7: Disney 'Ear' Hats

The Disney Diva looks divine in her Disney ear hat

DEC 13 The beauty of Walt Disney World is that you're allowed - scratch that, EXPECTED - to look utterly ridiculous. At Disney World, the Fashion Police grant amnesty to those sporting black socks and sandals, lime-green Crocs, and (insert shudder of terror here) fanny packs. You're certain to see people in all manner of... MORE

Favorite Thing #6: Custom Autograph Books

The Disney Diva creates her own custom autograph book

DEC 9 The first time my son went to Walt Disney world we - like most parents - bought him an autograph book. I mean, who is more famous than Mickey Mouse? Of COURSE your kids want to get autographs. So, after my son collected all these autographs, I looked at that little book and thought, "Now what the heck... MORE

Favorite Thing #5: Tinker Bell Presents

The Disney Diva sends Tinker Bell into battle against the Gimme Meltdown

DEC 8 My husband and I have two children: a son, 8, and a daughter who just turned 4 at Disney World in October. With such young children, it's no surprise that as soon as the Halloween decorations are up, we start talking Santa. Oh, you know what I mean: "Don't hit your sister, Santa is watching." "Santa knows when you... MORE

Favorite Thing #4: Snapfish Photo Books

The Disney Diva does some scrapbooking in a snap(fish)

DEC 7 My son was turning 4 on his first trip to Disney World. We had a great time and I came back with a bazillion pictures. Our daughter had not yet been born and I was then teaching only a few classes, so I scrapbooked. And I scrapbooked ... and I scrapbooked. I spent time and A LOT of money creating... MORE

Favorite Thing #3: Fast Pass Pouches

The Disney Diva puts her Fast Pass in a pouch

DEC 5 Like everyone else, you may be slightly worried about losing your precious (and expensive) park tickets - especially if you don't have 'Keys to the World' (a room key and park ticket in one) and wouldn't be able to prove you even had tickets. You probably also have money, credit cards, ID cards, and... MORE

Favorite Thing #2: The Pirates League

The Disney Diva sails dangerous waters to The Pirates League

DEC 4 My newest Favorite Thing is an event my son attended during our trip last October to Disney World: the Pirates League! Everybody knows that the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a MASSIVE hit with girls, but I bet you are wondering if its equivalent for boys - the Pirates League - is equally good. I scheduled... MORE

Favorite Thing #1: Custom Name Tags

The Disney Diva wears proudly her custom name tag

DEC 3 Everywhere I go in Disney people ask me where things are (luckily I know, cause, lets face it, I'm a Disney Diva). I smile and point them in the right direction. Lost children come right up to me and my husband. We are asked to take peoples' photographs and answer random Disney trivia. Why... MORE