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At Disney, you probably think more about dining than you do anything else: where to dine, what to eat, how to do it in style - and preferably under-budget. Dining Discourse is a collective effort by chow hounds and gourmands alike to deconstruct the sometimes complex considerations of dining at Disney and to plate candid reviews of their meals - whether turkey leg or tenderloin - with plenty of pictures.

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Goofy's Candy Company

Sara enjoys a custom-made treat

Over the next few weeks we'll have a passel of new dining reviews from the famous Disney duo of Stringbean & Wingnut (aka Sara & Adam). These are special reviews because they represent twenty-five year old Sara's victory over a serious medical condition that required open-heart surgery and postponed a trip to Disney World to celebrate an important event: her third year dating Adam!

The surgery was a success! A few months later, Sara and Adam finally made it to Disney World.

I'm thrilled that Sara is well and I'm doubly thrilled to present her wonderful reviews.

Goofy's Candy Company in Downtown Disney was probably the most anticipated stop of our Disney World trip. Seriously, I'm not sure that one place has had so much buildup. Ever.

click an image to expand and read notes:


Goofy's Fun Mirror


Goofy's Order Form


Step 1: Dipping


Step 2: Topping


Step 3: Drizzling

The Back Story

This past winter, spring, and summer were a stressful onslaught of doctor visits, medical tests, and that crinkly examining room table paper.

(Nothing says you're in a doctor's office more than sitting on crinkly paper.)

These tests usually involved a lot of lying still while my heart and thyroid (yes, it decided to join the fray at one point) were being photographed and listened to in various ways.

During these tests, I would sometimes play Disney music in my head (Illuminations, Splash Mountain, Wishes, etc), but more often I would play games, usually "What Treat From Goofy's Candy Company Would I Get Today?"

You would be surprised how distracting this can be. Seriously.

"Marshmallows, dipped in dark chocolate, with Oreo crumbs, drizzled in white chocolate."

"Three pretzel rods (I would pick this option particularly during longer tests), one with white chocolate, mini M&M's, and caramel drizzled (this was still an option a few months ago); one with milk chocolate, Oreo crumbs, and dark chocolate drizzle; and one with dark chocolate, coconut, and caramel drizzle."

Et cetera.

Adam would even start to ask me what I would choose that day. It became a game of sweet, sugary distraction, and the brainstorming would pay off on our eventual trip.

And now that day had arrived.

Sara Gets Goofy

We entered Goofy's where first, of course, we played with the fun mirrors.

Adam and I then began making the treat choices together. At Goofy's, you can 'Create Your Own Treat' by marking choices on an order form.

You select the treat, then select a dipping flavor, a topping, and a drizzle. Then you hand the form to the person (who, in my case, was named Analisa) behind the counter.

You can see, on my form, that I chose the Mickey Krispy Rice Treat dipped in milk chocolate, topped with mini M&M's, and drizzled in white chocolate.

Then the fun starts.

You watch your treat being made.

First, Analisa dipped the Rice Krispy Treat in milk chocolate...

Then she rolled it in mini M&Ms...

And then, finally, she drizzled it with white chocolate.

So how was it?

It tasted like sweet, sweet victory.

Sara is a resident of the Northeast. She loves traveling to Disney, and always looks forward to when she can plan her next trip. Her favorite WDW food item is the Napoleon from France.

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