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About the Authors

Our artist's rendition of 'Mickey-on-a-Fork' symbolizes the carnivorous approach we take with our Disney dining reviews. Bad food or bad service or bad anything isn't just revealed ... it's impaled. The folks who contribute to Morsels from the Mouse hail from every creative cranny of Disney culture. You'll meet each of them in the 'course' of their reviews. As for Mickey, well, we hope for a complete recovery.

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Disney Dining Discourse

by Disney Dispatch Correspondents

At Disney, you probably think more about dining than you do anything else: where to dine, what to eat, how to do it in style - and preferably under-budget. Dining Discourse is a collective effort by chow hounds and gourmands alike to deconstruct the sometimes complex considerations of dining at Disney and to plate candid reviews of their meals - whether turkey leg or tenderloin - with plenty of pictures.

Le Cellier: Dinner Review

Amanda descends to Le Cellier for Canadian cuisine

FEB 27 We arrived at Le Cellier, announced ourselves at the podium, and within five minutes our names were called. While we were waiting, a guy attempted to get a walk-up reservation but was flatly turned down. The hosts weren't even nice about it. In fact, the hosts seemed grumpy that night, though for us it really didn't... MORE

Sunshine Seasons: Lunch Review

Amanda grabs some mid-day grub

FEB 25 Amanda's last review on DisneyDispatch was of dinner with her friend Andrew at the California Grill. Nothing so fancy today. Amanda and Andrew find themselves in EPCOT's Land Pavilion with an appetite to appease prior to dinner at Le Cellier. The obvious choice: Sunshine Seasons. After a grab 'n go... MORE

California Grill: Dinner Review #2

Helen Young braves the elements for a taste of California cuisine

FEB 23 For our first night back at Walt Disney World, I wanted to start off with a bang and eat at the much-hyped California Grill. The weather was fierce that night: rain, thunder, lightning, even a tornado watch. Still, I put on my little black dress, my husband Luis donned a polo shirt and khaki pants, and we... MORE

Goofy's Candy Company

Sara enjoys a custom-made treat

FEB 16 At Goofy's, you can 'Create Your Own Treat' by marking choices on an order form. You select the treat, then select a dipping flavor, a topping, and a drizzle. Then you hand the form to the person (who, in my case, was named Analisa) behind the counter. You can see, on my form, that I chose the Mickey... MORE

California Grill: Dinner Review

Amanda makes a poor entree choice but writes a great review

FEB 13 We arrived over an hour early for our 7:30 PM ADR at California Grill. At 7:00 PM we decided to check in and I asked the host for a window seat. As we walked off with the pager, it went off! Jackpot! Our host led us to a gorgeous window seating overlooking the Magic Kingdom. I was so excited that I... MORE

Artist Point: Dinner Review

Abby Earl roughs it at Wilderness Lodge's Artist Point

FEB 9 Artist Point has a nice rustic elegance. The feel I get from it is 'romantic candle-lit dinner in the woods'. But with climate control. Our server Kristen greeted us as soon as we sat down. We were her first table and her only table for the first half of our meal, and so we got fantastic service. Kristen was... MORE

Wolfgang Puck Express: Lunch Review

Abby Earl kicks back with a big salad and a wood-fired pizza

FEB 8 Call me a pizza snob, but I think the best pies come only from wood-fired ovens. And guess what they use here? So right away, I knew I'd like the pizza. The crust was fairly thin, but not as thin as typical NYC style crust. There was no sauce - the pizza had been brushed with olive oil before... MORE

Starring Rolls Cafe: Lunch Review

Abby Earl discovers a true blockbuster: Turkey Focaccia

JAN 23 One day, I woke up early and decided to drive down to Disney World from north Florida. I wanted to spend the afternoon at Hollywood Studios. I checked in to my hotel around 11 AM and was in the park by noon! After a morning of driving, the first thing on my mind was food. I know everyone says that Hollywood Studios lacks... MORE

Jiko: A Dinner Review

Abby Earl dines with friends at Jiko

JAN 16 After getting drenched in a torrential downpour at the Animal Kingdom, I returned to the Lodge with my friends Jun and Caitlin to dry off and get cleaned up for dinner at Jiko. This was my (and their) first time dining at Jiko. I was excited because I had heard so many good things about the cuisine. When we... MORE

Boma: Plate-by-Plate

Abby Earl recounts her 'DIS-Meet' dinner buffet at Boma, plate-by-plate

JAN 11 If you read my review of the Boma and Jiko Culinary Tours, published in this column two days ago, you know that my friend Mark and I had other plans that same night: a dinner 'DIS Meet' at Boma with a group of about 25 other people from DISBoards. Upon our arrival, the servers connected a few tables and everyone took... MORE

Boma and Jiko Culinary Tours

Boma and Jiko Culinary Tours include decor lore and free fare

JAN 09 After spending a day at the Animal Kingdom, what more appropriate place for dinner than a restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge? We had scheduled a 5:00 P.M. ADR at Boma but then decided to arrive an hour earlier for the Culinary Tours offered by Boma and Jiko. To take a tour, you simply present yourself at... MORE

Dining Review: The Plaza Restaurant

A good place to slow down for a fast meal

NOV 21 The Plaza is cool and airy with stylish, elegant Victorian details and scrolling effects. The windows provide welcome views of Cinderella Castle and, if you time it right, the Main Street parade. Servers dress in old-fashioned, fancy aprons and dresses. We arrived shortly after The Plaza opened for lunch and were seated... MORE

Dining Review: Queen Victoria's Room

The ladle of luxury: four hours, eleven courses, two hundred dollars

OCT 23 As my husband Mark and I walked toward Victoria & Albert's in the Grand Floridian, staff members practically ran to open the door for us. I'm thinking - wow! - what service are we in for tonight. We were greeted by Israel Perez, the Maitre d'Hotel, and a Victoria (hostess) who led us past the harp player to... MORE