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Back in the old days, it was actually possible to visit every site on the Internet about Disney. Nowadays, it's not even possible to count all the sites on the Internet about Disney. I visit quite a few of them compiling the Hullabaloo, and often I find gems - digitally buried treasure - maintained by folks who love Disney so much it doesn't matter that the traffic to their sites may be a trickle. In Daily DIZcovery, I'll pick a different dynamite Disney site every day, typically one you've never heard about, and hopefully turn their trickle into a torrent.

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Disney Top Ten Lists

On a top ten list of Disney top ten lists, this is #1

I'm a sucker for top ten lists.

In yesterday's Good Night, Mouse, I featured four Disney top ten lists from sites as diverse as MSNBC and Hollywood Reporter.

But it's not always that I get so lucky finding Disney top ten lists in mainstream media.

For those dry times, there's Disney Top Ten Lists, a site with nothing but that.

Disney Top Ten Lists is run by Chris Lucas, a professional actor who lives in New Jersey. (Don't get me started on top ten lists about New Jersey!) Chris' site hasn't been around for long, but already it has several top ten lists, including the current one: the top ten Disney presidential connections.

And you thought it'd be something mundane like the top ten Disney thrill rides.

Chris puts a good deal of thought into his Disney top ten lists. Not only that, he makes them meaty. Each list has lots of content. In fact, each entry in each list is meaty enough to stand on its own as a separate article.

Perhaps my favorite entry in Chris' list of top ten Disney presidential connections is a picture of Walt with Richard Nixon (and family) in a Tomorrowland 'space ship'. Tricky Dick is also seen in a photo of him and his family outside the gates to Disneyland. I never knew the close connection between Disney and Nixon!

I 'dizcovered' Disney Top Ten Lists last night, but already I've added it to my small collection of must-browse Disney sites. It's that good.

Heck, you want more proof? A previous top list is Disney's ten most unusual films. Among them: Trenchcoat (a Hitchcockian thriller) and the Story of Menstruation. No joke.

By the way, Chris is also planning a book about ... Disney top ten lists!

Come back tomorrow for another Daily DIZcovery!

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