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Sure, sure, everyone wants to see Mickey, or maybe Cinderella, but what about the freshly, often fleetingly famous (and sometimes the genuinely famous) who flock to the Disney Parks in search of pixie dust and photo ops? Disney makes a big deal out of these appearances - but only when the celebrities are Disney-worthy. Here on Celebrity Disney, we spotlight all the stars, especially the infamous ones, with a generous helping of the snarkiest comments on earth.

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FROM: Celebrity Disney Published Sundays

Seen at Disney: Elin Nordegren

Some celebrities who visit a Disney Park create a sensation. Even Mickey doesn't get that kind of press. Others blend with the surging throngs, maybe sparking recognition among faithful fans, but otherwise passing unnoticed. And some are in-between.

What causes a paunchy, droopy-faced golfer to cheat on his beautiful Swedish model wife?

Well, when he's caught, the answer is 'addiction', for which expensive treatment exists, and which is better known as 'public relations damage control'.

Only Tiger Woods knows for sure the root cause of his 'addiction', but we couldn't ask him because his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, 31, didn't invite the now purring Tiger to accompany her and their two children to Disney World on Tuesday.

Nordegren, dressed as if she were waiting for the bus to Woodstock, stood with hands on hips next to the stroller containing daughter Sam (4) and son Charlie (2) as an alert photographer snagged his shot.

Even if she weren't semi-famous, Nordegren's natural beauty would turn heads, but check out the well-fed woman to her left.

Ma'am, are you yawning?

You're checking out Elin Nordegren, or maybe her outfit, and you're yawning. If that's your husband beside you, he's also checking out Elin Nordegren - but he's not yawning!

Word to the wise...